BC Place could be CLOSED for ONE YEAR to do Retractable Roof

The Project just got listed this afternoon and plans have been Rejected for a Retractable Roof. It will be a phased project and the bubble dome may not be replaced before 2010.

What an absolute disaster for this City. This is truly shocking. Is this Government out to lunch or something?

In the time they could've put on a Retractable and made BC Place look respectable for 2010, Dubai will have finished the Palm Islands and the tallest tower on Earth, BurjDubai.

So what this City will show off to the world in 2010 is a bubble dome using technology that's 40 years old.

This Province ought be ashamed of itself.

Disaster my ass. Retractable roof on BC place is a loony toons idea.

Then how else do you vent the fumes from the Olympics flame? It’s more loony to expect everyone in attendance to be wearing gas masks.

The gas masks would actually look good on NBC. Show America what a backwards culture Canada is.

I didnt say having the damn olympics crap in bc place was good either. Yet, if that be the only reason anyone would think of going to all the cost and trouble of a retractable roof, then it would be complete insanity. Put in an umbrella roof, andor create some kind of venting, or keep the damn flame out of BC place.

Looney??? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

FYB I'm hurt, disappointed, :cry: :cry: :cry:

I would have thought you'd jump on that bandwagon for an open roof on hot July days. :wink:

hey, if private citizen or business money wants to build a new stadium with retractable roof, I am all for it. But as for BC place cost to the taxpayer, I say the cheaper the better. Again I say, umbrella type roof and/or increased ventilation is the way to go on the taxpayers tab.

Well fine put on an Umbrella roof with ventilation. A bubble dome provides little or no ventilation. Have you ever been in there and noticed the smoke and haze after a Monster Truck show?

The flame is supposed to burn in there for 17 straight days. An airtight dome makes no sense.

guess they should have thought of that when they put the bid in for the damn olympics in the first place. I have been adamantly against the olympics from day one and have no sympathy for any problem they may have on this issue or any other. Govt has no business spending money on sports, except for kids, any more than they have any business spending 50+ mill on another damn art gallery.

On that point we can both agree. Complete mismanagement by the Government. The Government should have planned this out years ago when they were awarded the Olympics in 2003 that there would be an Olympic Flame and should prepare a proper facility for it. Hell even build an Outdoor stadium for the event like Salt Lake City and Calgary did.

The Whitecaps Stadium would've been a perfect venue for this type of event. But no the Port Corpration and the City have to drag this soap opera out on and on and on pissing off the Whitecaps and soccer fans.

This pissing around may cause Vancouver a MLS franchise. Seattle's MLS team is ready to go next year at Qwest Field.

Thing is folks, and it hurts me to say this, but the Olympics may have saved BC Place. Had it not been for all the improvements they will have to make to the Stadium for 2010, they might have sold it off and torn the Stadium down.

The big moneymaker for the Stadium is not the BC Lions; it's Trade shows and Conventions. That's their bread and butter.

If there were no Trade shows and Conventions in the dome, just the BC Lions as a tenant, they'd bulldoze that Stadium down in 5 minutes.

Hmmmm, you just gave me a marketing idea.

Lets burn some BC bud in the flame, invite all the Flower Children from the Gulf Islands, Charge $10.00 per day, and that will pay for all repair/ replacements costs. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sadly, I agree with your post. You are bang on!

The Retractable Roof is not completely dead, but it will be expensive. It'll be up to Provincial Cabinet to decide, however, the cost could be upwards of $ 150 million for a Retractable apparatus.

My understanding is there thare are three main Bidders for the roof:

  1. Birdair out of Amherst, New York (built the original dome in '82) and have built many fantastic structures around the world including The Millenium Dome in London, Berlin Stadium, Denver Int. Airport, Kuwait Stadium, University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona Stadium and HSBC Arena in Buffalo
  1. Hightex out of London

  2. Fabritec out of California

Uni-Systems out of Minneapolis has been consulted with regard to the Retractable system. They built the roof on the Texan's Reliant Stadium in Houston and the Colt's new Lucas Oil Field in Indy.


considering that they claim BC place loses 4 mill a yr, take anything away and it could be curtains.

Olympics is only a postponement on that score. Olympics will not pay for roof replacement and then they will still continue to lose money each yr after. Wont be long before they tear it down anyhow.

Tearing it down though will not allow BC Place to hold a Grey Cup, which surely are money makers. And also not an NFL game which again would be a money maker. I think after you see the Toronto Bills thingy making lots of money for Toronto especially in tourism, you will see Vancouver aggresively pursue a Seahawks game. Not that the Seahawks are in any way, shape or form in the same situation as the Bills in Buffalo with Buffalo being dragged down economically. But the Seahawks could further their fanbase maybe by having a game in Vancouver every couple of years and maybe make more money if in Vancouver they charge some big bucks like they are doing in Toronto. Assuming the Toronto thing works out of course, who knows but I think it will to be quite honest.

And then Vancouver is on the list for an NFL team if they really want this if it all works out. I doubt they will tear down BC Place down for this simple reason. Again, I don't care about Toronto or any Canadian city getting an NFL team but there are enough people in both cities that do care me thinks.

If they decide just on the bubble roof, I'd be very worried about the Stadium's future then.

If they decide on a Retractable at $ 150 million, that'll show the Government is making a major investment in the Stadium and it'll be around for another 20 - 25 years or so.

By the way, the cost of whatever roof they put on will be recouped through the sale of vacant land around the Stadium, including the parking lot that tailgate parties are held in.

By the way, the cost of whatever roof they put on will be recouped through the sale of vacant land around the Stadium, including the parking lot that tailgate parties are held in.
only a fraction. and what the hell do they expect people to do if they lose all the parking??

Yes exactly, where are people going to park? That is the bad side of this application that Pavco is making to to City Council. Where are Lions fans going to park?

This Parking lot in question is on the West side of the Stadium. It's 500 spaces. That will all go under the proposal and be condo or office towers. The money recouped will go to stadium refurbishments.

If you think it's a bad idea, write to City Council and petition them to vote NO.

All Pavco cares about is having enough parking for their Conventions and Trade shows; they could care less about having enough parking for 55,000 Lions fans.

The SkyTrain doesn't go everywhere. You can't expect all Lions fans to walk or take SkyTrain. What about Lions fans in Surrey? All pack onto the SkyTrain?

If the City approves this Pavco proposal, it will hurt the Lions at the gate (especially fans who want to drive to the game) and I have no idea why Braley and Ackles aren't saying a word.

A couple of points here from a local perspective:

First, while the Seahawks are keen to build their brand up the I-5 (the highway that connects Vancouver and Seattle) they don't need Vancouver like Buffalo needs Toronto. Vancouver is a little smaller than Seattle (population-wise) and their billionaire owner recently built them a 68,000+ downtown stadium - so what's the point of inconveniencing their many season ticket holders by moving a game 150 miles north to a smaller venue?

I would also submit that Vancouverites - by and large - don't follow the NFL with quite the same degree of passion as Torontonians. This is not to say that league doesn't have its devotees here. It does. It's just that the cry for an expansion franchise is much louder in Southern Ontario than Greater Vancouver, where I think most people here realize that a northwest Canadian city with a population that's considered 'mid-sized' by U.S. standards doesn't stand a cat in hell's chance of landing an NFL franchise anytime soon.

I think Bob Ackles and David Braley would fight tooth and nail to prevent it from happening anyway.

DH 8)

Yeah, good read DH, I don't pretend to know more than the people that live in the Vancouver area, thanks for this post. Whatever happens though, I hope that BC Place is upgraded to last a long time since it is an excellent CFL stadium at least how it looks on TV to me and one day I want to take in a GC there without a doubt!

The capital raised from the development around the stadium would be put towards paying for the new roof right off the bat so, that takes care of that money. Also, if there is even a CHANCE that snow might fall, large scale (non sporting) events will avoid the dome like the plague. Not to mention the city might go a step further and not grant the stadium an occupancy permit during some winter months (like what happened in Montreal with the Big Owe). The loss of revenues during that time would be far greater than any savings on the heating bill.