BC Place could be CLOSED for ONE YEAR to do Retractable Roof

You do realize that a Retractable roof will close the Stadium for at least a year mabey more?

Dominion won the contract and probably has been consulting and working on the plans for a few months now. It's only now the news is being leaked.

No wonder the Lions aren't saying anything. Both Thunderbird Stadium and Swangard are hardly acceptable as places to play while the dome is getting a new roof.

They might have to play the entire season next year or most of it on the road except for a playoff game in November when the roof is finished.

The Stadium has to be Waterproofed and concrete sealed first as the roof will be dismantled and the Stadium is currently designed for indoor use only.

Drainage pipes will have to be built into the Lower Bowl and floor to prevent water accumulation when it rains during construction.

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee about the implications of this plan.

Clearly though, we can all see which way this is leaning. Retractable is the only way to go if we're going to put on a decent show for a worldwide TV audience of 3 billion.

I agree a retractable roof would be the ultimate but so many other things to consider. But really, come on, in terms of what it looks like on TV to people worldwide, who cares if it's retractable or not or a big marshmellow? It'll be winter and a white marshmellow would look fine. But I agree, in the long term, a retractable roof would be awesome to let the fans of the Lions, soccer etc. enjoy the outdoors when the weather is nice, for sure. Even if it means the Lions have to be put out for a year, which would really bite but in the long run, the city and the Lions get what they want. Who knows though.

Not too worried. According to the interview on CKNW radio yesterday afternoon, they can work around the construction. The scaffolding and cranes will be a nuisance, but they figure the interuptions are minimal.

Its not just the Lions, but lots of trade shows. They can't close down BC Place for any length of time or they lose that revenue. I beleive BC Place, BC Lions, Trade shows and contractors will work together to find a resonable working solution. It might mean the Lions play 3 home games and then go 5 weeks in a row on the road, befor ethe next Home game, but if its one inconvenience for one season for long term gain, well, I can live with that. (We'll call it our "Rebuilding" year" :wink: )

Wow. I wish I had your optimism, Sporty!

I'd love to see this happen but this looks like a potential disaster. That time frame is just so tight. Two years to finalize a design and get started when we have a serious labour shortage. It took six months just to replace the tear in the roof last year.

We haven't yet heard from Vancouver's "Opposed to Everything but Social Housing and Drug Addiction" groups and you know they'll cause problems. Look at how long Woodward's and the Waterfront stadium take just to get past interest groups.

I have a feeling the 2009 Lions season will be a write-off and the Opening Ceremonies will involve a whole lot of scaffolds, tarps and cranes!

Actually, I figured the Provinical Government willjust ignore the Left Wing Loonies on City council. I beleive afterall the Provinicial Government owns BC Place?

Just going by what I hear on the radio......CKNW is usually pretty accurate with their reporting. Their errors are few and far between.

The Retractable Roof design is the Government's primary intention. Provincial Cabinet will be deciding in the next three weeks.

The Olympic flame burns at 3000 degrees and I don't see how it's feasible to have that burning flame in an airtight dome. The fumes would be terrible.

This design of the Frankfurt WaldStadion Roof in Frankfurt, Germany is what is being considered first and foremost and is now the leading candidate:


I don't know how they can put a retractable roof on it. I've watched a bunch of specials on those types of stadiums, and the building is built around the roof. And with the weather we have, we'll be lucky if it's open for more than 2 games.

I'm sorry, but that last comment of yours is just plain dumb. I've been a Lions season ticket holder at B.C. Place since '95 and I could honestly count with my fingers, the number of times it's been raining steadily enough on game day to even require me to carry an umbrella or wear a hoodie. Heck, even last year's West Final against Saskatchewan was sunny and warm enough to be played outdoors. The one crappy weather game last year that stood out was against Calgary on November 3.

Sorry, I'm not picking on you. It's just that the whole cliched 'it rains all the time in Vancouver' argument against a new open air stadium or roof design is not only unfounded and misguided, it's Canadian pessimism at its finest!

DH 8)

The stats back your claims. Since the Lions moved from the open air Empire Stadium (where it always seemed to rain), the number of rainy game days has equaled the amount they used to get in Empire in 2-3 seasons....and that was over 24 seasons ago. Its weird but the rainy seasons stopped the year the Leos moved into BC Place and have for the most part, not returned.

The problem is, BC place isn't built for drainage. If it even remotely looks like it MIGHT rain, they will have to keep it closed.

That stadium roof does not hold up well to snow loads and only operates from April to October. So that particular option seems to be out. So much for the leading candidate

But surely Vancouver doesn't get that much more snow than Frankfurt, no? Heavy snowfall in downtown Vancouver (at sea level) is a fairly rare occurance.

From what I've read, the energy bills to keep the existing roof at BC Place inflated are a concern to the government. I'm not saying "retractable" will pay for itself within 25 years, but getting those annual expenses off the books combined with capital raised from condo development around the stadium should offset the cost of building a retractable roof.

DH 8)

Three solutions:

  1. It says on the http://www.commerzbank-arena.com site in the FAQ section that that roof’s Operating Permit doesn’t allow it to be unfurlled between November and March.

So, in our case, if it does snow (which is rare), just retract it and we’ve got an open air stadium during a brief period of snowfall.
Drainage can be built.

  1. Or build a stronger membrane material. The FAQ section says that a stronger membrane material wasn’t in that Stadium’s budget, and that’s because CommerzBank stadium is a soccer specific statdium. In contrast BC Place is used year round.

  2. Use heating coils on the roof during inclement months to melt any snow. That sort of technology is used to keep driveways clear of snow

I know, isn't that so wierd.......But, everything goes in cycles. You know as soon as the roof is off, it will rain for 40 days and 40 nights! :wink:

Ah, I like the positive discussion so far:

[url=http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/story.html?id=4a39da76-43ee-47e5-b115-059ba8658833&k=68042]http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news ... 33&k=68042[/url]

Crossing my fingers for a retractable roof. It baely snows in down town Vancouver, and if the "Rain Cycle" comes back, we'll have it covered.

Well the Sun's Editorial is shooting down any idea of replacing the roof:

"A rush job to raise a new roof for BC Place in time for the Olympics is an unaffordable risk"

one can only wonder now how this influences the Government

Yeah, but the sun "caters" to the developers............. The Government wants the Olympics to go perfect, I don't think the Developers, er, I mean editors will influence the Government.

I'd be more worried by the Left Wing "Wingnuts" on City Council before anyone else.

as I said in the BC place discussion in main forum, I beleive and umbrella type roof, leaving a couple of metres open at the top of the sides for fresh cooler air flow, would be best and most cost effective.

I don't agree with the Sun's position as I still think it can be accomplished by that date if City Council doesn't hold it up, but one wonders why it's taken until now to get this brilliant epiphany: a retractable roof for an outdoors town like Vancouver!

Did it really take a year to do a feasibility study after the roof blew open in January of last year? Were there not concerns that roof might not hold up until 2010 (or much past it) when the games were awarded to Vancouver-Whistler?

DH 8)

So I'm trying to understand the timeline here. When did the Feasibility Study start?

Cause Pavco said that Study is not finished yet.

There will likely be an announcement about the New roof any day now and the timing will favour Pavco as there will be Open Houses for the City's False Creek Development Plan, and the Roof will be the carrot to get City residents on Pavco's side so the City will approve the Plan.

It's the carrot and donkey strategy. But will the carrot work?