BC Owners gives 50 Millon to Mac..

Man Bralley is in Giving mood..
Another 50 Millon to Mac..

Unreal he should give the money to the city.
they could use it more..

NO ...I could use it more.

The Brilliant Braley is doing a brilliant job at reducing the taxes he has to pay as he transitions into the sunset.

Look for him to buy a very very large and expensive house (bigger than his current one) in the near future and reduce his personal investment in Orlick to be just under the capital gains exemption for private company ownership.

Dear Mr. Braley,

I like money.

Yours truly,

  • paul

Dear Mr. Braley,

I like money more than Paul.

Yours truly,

  • mike, er Earl

Many thanks to David Braley for his much needed gift to McMaster.With Peter George at the helm, the university keeps growing. It is great to be an old alum these days.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

Mr Braley. thank you.

way to go Braley!50 million to Mac to kill baby's

And to help babies survive that otherwise might have died or been born with problems.

How much of this money is going into athletics? I remember them talking about building a 5-10,000 seat stadium for the athletic program. What's the status on that anyway?

so far the football field is just a really nice underground parking garage.

the stadium should be completed by next fall.