BC @ Ottawa

Is Milt really wearing a bow tie? :lol:

Positive vibes.... This game will be decent.....this game will only have a few turnovers... This game will have single digit penalties....this game will have Atleast 600 yards of offence... This game will have good defence too, but in the form of knocked down passes and sacks... Not because a QB botched the snap or a receiver dropped a pass while being wide open...
This game will not see more than a hand full of two and outs. This game will not see any 23 yard punts... This game will not see a coaches challenge for no particular reason. This game will be watchable...

BC opens with a stupid penalty. Also, most over used line in an Ottawa game? Nation's capital.

A stupid penalty on the first play of the game... I'm not watching this crap!!!!!...
I'm going out to eat

Not very tolerant, huh. :lol:

Both offenses heavy on plays heading sideways to try break upfield, either run or pass in the flat. Not much success either way just going straight up.

Damn Logan looks tiny out there.

Who does Ottawa have behind Burris? I'm wondering if it might be time to change QBs...

Couple of nobody's in Alex Carder and Danny O'Brien, since Thomas DeMarco went down. They just signed Joey Elliott but I think he's still on the PR. Not that he's any more accurate a thrower than Burris.

For crying out loud. Ottawa gambles and makes it, and you think, All right, go Ottawa. Then Burris throws another pick. Thankfully it was overturned by a penalty.

Thank God this quarter may not end 3 -3. :thup:

If they keep falling behind in games, I might start giving those other guys some playing time in the fourth.

Fumble and a turnover. Come on...

I spoke too soon. :cry:

5-3 !!!! WEW HEW. Good thing I love this league or I would have turned this game off long ago. :thdn:

And another dumb play call in the end zone. Let's try another approach. After the snap, hand-off and RB starting his 4 yard run to the LoS you've given the D about 1 1/2 seconds to get to you in the end zone. When did they stop running at the line for 2-3 yards to give teams some breathing room.

If BC loses by 2 you can lay all the blame on Benevides.

Another CFL 2014 game of super exciting play. Ottawa's offense is downright offensive.

We have to cut them a break being an expansion team. Hopefully the local fans do as well.

First, I hope that BC player is OK, he took a hard hit to his head.
Second, Ottawa needs some serious offensive help, defense is playing a pretty good game and has to be frustrated with the offensive.

Forget that. This is their 10th game.

I get that, but you need to score more then ten points a game. This isn't baseball.