BC Onside Kick

Just what was BC trying to accomplish with a fourth quarter onside kick, when they're up by 25+ points?

its called playing football

and bonus if it pleases the home town fans. Its what they pay for.

Just Buono once again showing he has no class in this league.

or stickin it to the team thats been trash talking all week...

either way...

Its football not knitting class.

It’s the fourth quarter and you say BC were up by 25 points?

Thats a pretty boring point in a TV telecast for me so at least a onside kick is a bit interesting to watch…

Ya,I’d be a bit P’d if the Argos did it to us,but as a CFL fan I like the idea ,and besides it gives Calgary good field position if they get the ball as they really should be able to.

Big deal!

I thought it was a not-so-classy thing.... at first. I've been too busy at work this week to listen to the media, and while the guys at TSN were hinting at a lot of trash talk, I didn't realize to what extent it was going on. If Toronto were talking trash for the entire week, and twice on Thursday, I'd prolly do the same thing :slight_smile:

Beamreach.... Calgary was totally not expecting an onside kick, and BC recovered 15 yards downfield... but it turned out to be a 2-and-out.

I was at the game and was thinking that Wally was just pouring it on as well. But on the ride home the play by play guys mentioned that all night the only thing Calgary was beating the Lions at was kick returns and that the Calgary players were quick down field to set up blocking? So next week in Calgary they are not going to be so quick to vacate because of that onside kick? Calgary did look good on kickoffs and gave them great field position all night but the BC defence had their number.

Tsk tsk, Emotion must have gotten the better of Wally Buono. What a terrible time to point out a weakness in a teams defense, a week before a rematch. Tsk tsk, Wally, to me falls a notch and a half on the 1-100 good coach scale.

I agree, it wasn't a smart thing to do. Only because they're playing them again next week, and quite possibly in the playoffs as well. Don't antagonize if you have to face 'em again.

I find it quite amusing that the Stampeder players are annoyed at this.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Games/2006/10/07/1971353-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 3-sun.html[/url]

These are the same guys who taunt their opponents with choreographed dance routines after a TD. And when questioned about it they claim that it's "entertainment" and something the fans enjoy.

Well guess what: I'll bet the BC fans enjoyed that short kick. I'll bet they were entertained.

If the Stamps didn't like it, they should have caught the ball. At least that was within their power. Conversely, if an opponent doesn't like the Stamps' dancing there is nothing they can do about it (legally).

I will always take pleasure when the league's current choreography champions (whomever they may be) lose.

Guys have performance bonuses for one thing or another (e.g. more points, more yards, etc.). I'd love it if I had a coach who helped me to pad my stats to get me some bonus money.

An Argo fan

All of the above, as well as giving his special teams some "practice" under game conditions, with the game secured.

We just don't recognise it because we never see our team do it.

It only goes to show how I feel about Trash talking and in this case Calgary.

If you are going to shot off your mouth and talk trash.

Don't cry when it comes back and bites you in the Ass

I find this rather fascinating.

On one hand, you have the whole "running up the score" (what, from a Hamilton fan in the 1980? Never!), along with the force of one, and perhaps two rematches in the next few coming weeks.

On the other hand (which I had completely forgotten about), you have BC testing and performance bonuses.

Just goes to show me that I still have a hell of a lot to learn about the CFL, and hopefully, some of that will rub off on the Ti-Cats :slight_smile:

Do you remember the last time we (Boreham) attempted an onside kickoff? I believe the kick actually went BACKWARDS a yard...

now THAT was funny...

Its just a shame that so many of the CFL games are blowouts. We need teams that come to the stadium prepared to give of themselves and to make for exciting close contests where onside kicks can make it or break it. What better time to try out the strategy of an onside kick when you know you got nothing to lose.


maybe he had just seen "bend it like beckham".

It was hilarious, Boreham kicks the ball... all the Ticats start running... then they all turn around as if to say "Where the heck is the ball"

Not one of Jamie's better moments...