BC not the low of the low.

Last night i watching the BC vs Sask game and i must say that BC was looking good on all teams for the second win of the season. Now i was woundering if people still rank BC at the bottom of the barrel because i know some skepics were saying how Hamilton has only beaten the lowest teams in the league.

I personally wouldnt rank B.C. at the bottem, there are a few more teams lower. What about Argoes and the Bombers. Even the roughriders dont have a great offence. I think we are a 500 football team but could be a real force in the near future.

I am wondering the same thing. Although I think some of the skeptics will argue that this is not the same BC team that the Cats beat. (Addition of Armour etc.) I am looking forward to seeing how we do against Edmonton tonight. Hopefully then people will see that our team is for real this year.

BC still has a lot of problems. Their offense turned the ball over 3 times in the first quarter. SSK just didn't pounce on them and put the game away early.

In reality, if BC doesn't get that pick near the endzone and score on the punt, it's basically a 21-20 game. But those are the breaks.

Winnipeg and Toronto are the low of the low. Even though BC's record is similar I would say that other than the Cal @ BC game that BC has been competitive is all their games. Winnipeg and Toronto may as well have not even shown up for a couple of their games.

What are you talking about "in reality, if". The reality was those plays happened, your talking hypothetically or something.

Why can't you post anything on this site without getting scrutinized?

I close off my quote nicely by saying "those are the breaks".

Don't understand what you don't get. There were 2 big breaks that BC got. Normally those plays don't happen. In reality, they don't happen.

There's no shame in having lost twice to the Grey Cup bound Ticats, is there. Had they had some easier opponents, BC might be middle of the pack.

I'm not trying to piss you off or anything. It just serves no purpose to say any of this now.

I got no clue what your last sentence is about on your last post.