BC @ MTL Aug. 4

BC a little banged up, but I for one have really been impressed with QB Jonathon Jennings.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/radio/vancouver-1040-i-1410/lions-changes-not-limited-to-injuries-1.536511]http://www.tsn.ca/radio/vancouver-1040- ... s-1.536511[/url]

Didier Orméjuste ?@DidierRDS 1h1 hour ago

Ryan White (cheville) a été placé sur la liste des blessés pour 6 matchs / Ryan White (ankle) has been put on the 6-game injured list #Als

White can`t seem to stay healthy.

I suspect this is a phantom injury to hide his salary on the 6-game as LBJ gets closer to returning (at which point one of the current starting 5, most likely Gagnon, will take over White's spot as the 6th O-lineman).

Rick Moffat said White rolled an ankle during practice and is out 4-6 weeks. White is on crutches with a walking boot. Als then activated James Bodanis.

This sucks. Ryan can backup every oline position well. :frowning:

Ah, so it is a real injury. Tough break for White, and for us. To have a guy miss 4-6 weeks on a practice injury is hard, especially since he can play any position on the line.

And they`ve added CB Merrill Noel to the practice roster. Spent some time with the Bills last season.

We haven't heard a lot from Greg Henderson, who was originally pencilled in to be one of the new starting corners but was injured in week one, giving Mincy the chance.

They subbed Henderson in for Mincy at times last game.

Big test for the DBs tomorrow with Arceneaux, Gore, Burnham. We will definitely need to pressure Jennings or it will be a long evening.

And speaking of DBs, we will see Dominique Ellis tonight replacing Sears at boundary DB for the Cats.

Leblanc of RDS writing that White was injured when teammates jumped on him when he caught a pass in practice. :roll:

Similar to Nick Moore`s injury.

Well, I might be wrong, but I doubt Hamilton fans are going to be happy with what they see from Ellis as a starter. Good special teams guy, mediocre DB.

Nice story on Kevin Glenn. Ive questioned his ability relative to other CFL QBs, but I certainly cant question his perseverance. Also a little teaser on the Als thinking re playing Cato/Adams.

[url=http://vancouversun.com/sports/football/cfl/bc-lions/iain-macintyre-what-are-alouettes-thinking-with-kevin-glenn-same-as-six-teams-before-them]http://vancouversun.com/sports/football ... efore-them[/url]

Good piece and very fair, especially that quote (paraphrasing) about Glenn's abilities always being good enough to win him jobs that his limitations won't let him keep.

I support the staff's thinking right now, given how poorly Cato fared in his lone start this year. Let the kids grow into their roles in the right environment. They're learning, first-year OC Calvillo is learning, and the offense has been really hurt by major injuries (Green, Sutton, LBJ). The best way for Cato and Adams to progress is to learn behind Glenn while the team hopefully wins and keeps the offense's confidence up.

Yeah Iain MacIntrye is a really well respected writer/columnist/journalist in Vancouver. Very insightful and respectful. A rare mix. Usually writes and covers hockey of course.

Really think the comments by Nik Lewis and Cavillo are quite insightful.

I'm surprised the Vancouver Sun shipped him to Montreal for the game. Good for them. They must have a few dollars stashed because I know very few people out here who actually buy a newspaper any more.

I think the Als are absolutely doing the right things in their approach here.

Not sure why they need both the Sun and Province. I dont know if its similar for other content, but most of the Lions content seems to be the same on both of their websites.

They probably get one or two away game, Montreal is probably the reporters choice :slight_smile:


Not sure why they need both the Sun and Province. I dont know if its similar for other content, but most of the Lions content seems to be the same on both of their websites.
Yeah both are owned by Post Media ( Paul Godfrey) and most components are merged. Of all the cities I've lived in Vancouver has had the worst print media I've seen actually.[

and if true that is a good choice!

The Eastern Division standings (and the West too) are tightening up - there is no "run-away" 1st place team at this point.

With a win tonight vs. BC, and let's say a split of the next 2 road games at Edmonton and Ottawa, the Als will be at 4-4 - and quite possibly on a trajectory for the playoffs.

I don't see this team going deep into the playoffs - but a 9-9 season and a playoff berth will keep the wolves at bay until the organization is prepared to confront some deeply rooted management issues.

A bad loss tonight is a morale buster, and we could very well be at 2-6 at the end of the road trip. Tonight is critical ..... GO Als.

Agreed. This is an important game for the team and very winnable. We're at home and BC is dealing with some significant injuries on the defensive side of the ball. Jennings is a great talent but still young and thus perhaps prone to costly mistakes. We need to capitalize. It would help enormously if Bede could get his head screwed on straight and start making his field goals again.