BC @ MTL 2019-09-06

No game day thread yet, so I figured I’d make one. This game has “trap game” written all over it. I hope the team isn’t complacent.

One sign that we’re trending up is expecting to win our home games against most teams, and definitely against sub-.500 teams. By rights we should grind BC up. The question is: will we?

And a change in their o line coach Dunn replacing Chiu.

As you said, “trap game”? I certainly can see the team coming out slow in the first quarter, maybe half.

You mean Kelly Bates, I think, replacing Chiu. Dunn is our O-line coach. That would be a heck of a WWE-style twist, right before the game! :smiley:

Thank you for catching that D/P.

L’une des nombreuses variables expliquant la saison désastreuse des Lions concerne la protection de Mike Reilly. Même si je crois que nous sommes capable de gagner, je crois aussi que notre front défensif ne sera pas en mesure de mettre suffisamment de pression sur Reilly et qu’il connaîtra un bon match, malheureusement.

I don’t think it is a “trap game”. BC has talent and has severely been hampered by their O-line. Reilly’s presence means a lot and teams do not treat BC lightly.

I expect Bates to simplify things and install a simple Zone Blocking scheme and Reilly will get the ball out more quickly.

This certainly will not be a 7 sack game. Montreal’s weakness has been D-line pressure and BC will have a bit of leeway there.

Odd-makers make Montreal a 7 point favorite here.

Adams is taking things seriously here and stayed through the bye. The guy is really on track to become a full pro. Good for him. I hope others did too. I find that many CFL teams play poorly after the bye after taking a break. They better be ready to go here.

BC/Montreal games, historically the home team has wone more than 90 percent of games. 7 points is not much of a spread in the circumstances. BC like Toronto has played better than their record shows I think.

I was encouraged to hear him say that he would be happy if Montreal was his last stop. You don’t see that kind of loyalty from players very often, especially when they are playing so far from home.

C’est effectivement la crainte qu’on pourrait avoir. Il ne faut pas prendre les Lions à la légère, car un jour, ils vont progresser. Il y a beaucoup de bons éléments dans cette équipe, aussi les Alouettes ne peuvent se permettre de les prendre pour acquis.

Ce qui m’encourage, c’est que les Alouettes semblent faire les bons ajustements à la demie. C’est en deuxième demie qu’ils gagnent leurs parties. Ceci me porte à croire qu’ils doivent trimer et s’ajuster. On n’a pas encore vu de domination totale des Alouettes. Alors on peut penser qu’ils mettront les efforts pour se préparer.

J’ai également toujours trouvé que les effets bénéfiques d’une pause se manifestaient généralement après la partie qui suivait immédiatement la pause. Qu’on le veuille ou non, il y a toujours de la rouille au retour d’un congé et l’adversaire peut en profiter.

Bien dit, mon ami. J’espère que Jones et Slowik ont profités du congé pour ajouter des nouveau jeux au “playbooks” offensif et defensif. Au moin, Slowik doit etre plus aggressif avec la présion, surtout le “blitz,” après le match a Moncton.

In their last 10 games in Montreal (since 2010) BC is 5-5 straight up. And 6-4 against the spread.

Probably best to not just throw out numbers HFX.

To add to the Lions o-line situation, LG Sukh Chungh who was supposed to be their best lineman based on the money Hervey threw at him, will not be playing because of a triceps injury.

Given how poorly he has played this season, that may actually be a positive for BC?

Brandon Rutley - remember him - will be the Lions RB instead of John White.

He has been their PR (18 of 19) and KR (20 of 25) guy … starting at RB may take him away from that role … or leave him very tired by the end of the game.

Washington, Moore, and Termansen added to roster

Wilkinson and Poulin moved to to IR

Anderson and Carter to practice roster

Geter has been suspended and LB Tevin Floyd extended on IR

IF I read CFL Transactions properly

You read it correctly.

DB Dominque Termansen (signed this week)
OL Tony Washington (from 1-game injured list)
FB Spencer Moore (from 1-game injured list)

LB Jean-Gabriel Poulin (to 6-game injured list)
DL Chad Geter (to suspended list)
OL Zach Wilkinson (to 1-game injured list)

Game #56 BC at Montreal Game Notes:

-Montreal is on a great 5-2 run which has them above .500 at the midway point (or after) for the first time since 2012.

-Each team is coming off a bye in this game and neither has won after a week’s rest (BC lost in Wk #9, Montreal lost in Wk #8

-The Lions have won the last 7 games vs the Als - a stretch in which Montreal has led by more than 1 point just once.

-Discipline: Montreal has drawn fewer penalties than their opponents in each of the last 5 games (7.6 per game over that span).

-BC has allowed 43 Sacks, on pace for 77 which would be a club record. Mike Reilly’s career total is now 266 (54 single-season high).

-The Lions 1-9 start is their worst since 1969 when they began the year at 1-10; they went 4-1 thereafter and made the playoffs.

-Vernon Adams is 5-1 in his last 6 starts (no career starts vs BC); Eugene Lewis is 13 for 200 with 2 TDs in the last 2 gms.

-Montreal is the only club with no more than 2 T/Os in any game this year; their +8 Ratio is just 2 less than #1 Calgary at +10

-BC’s pass receiving last game featured Canadians as they caught 16 of the 21 completions from Mike Reilly.

-The Als have not scored a point off Turnover in the last 3 games; all of their points have come on long drives.

-Jeremiah Johnson has 161 rushing yards on 25 carries in his last 2 games (Avg: 6.4 yds).

-Patrick Levels is #4 in the CFL with 66 total defensive plays;

-The Lions have been outscored by 116 points this year but in the 2nd half especially with a margin of -94 (181-87).

-In 2 games after coming off the Injured List DeVier Posey has 14 catches for 257 yards and 6 clutch 2nd down receptions.

-Shakeir Ryan has yet to hit his stride with Montreal and has been held to 17.4 yards per kickoff return and a long of 23 yards.

-Personally, the most impressive numbers to me is that Vernon Adams is #1 in both Yards per Drive and Percent of Drives ending in a touchdown. He is also #2 in Points per Drive.

Eugene Lewis était pratiquement invisible au début de la saison, mais il a bien profité de l’absence de Cunningham pour se démarquer et avoir des statistiques impressionnantes.

Même si ils ont un record de seulement 1 victoire et 9 défaites,je ne suis pas des plus confiants face aux Lions. Mike Reilly pourrait nous “faire mal paraître”,particulièrement si nous ne pouvons exercer de la pression sur lui. Nous devrons absolument gagner le temps de possession.

J’espère une victoire,ce qui pourrait augmenter nos chances de terminer la saison en deuxième place dans l"est.

Go Als Go!


I just hope they start early this time, coming from behind is great but not for my heart