BC @ Montreal

C'mon, Montreal. BC loss allows Edmonton to tie for second. Although I still think Ottawa will throttle us.

Missed last night's game, though it looks like I didn't miss much. Too many Tuesday and Wednesday games this season.

Not a bad game at all. :thup: Fast, too. 1+ minutes left and it is only 8:12 pm.

Who gets the ball to start the second?

Boris Beddie had cost this team 5 points

Should be Montreal - BC had it to start the game - and no you didn't miss much last night - at least not from the Ticats who looked like they forgot to come out of the locker room after that 2 and a half hour delay! :frowning:

Fumble, BC recovery. C'mon, Montreal. You're killing me.

I think everyone on the D got a chance to tackle Arcie.

I can't believe that the larks are still going with him. If he's a good punter - fine - but they need to get a decent place kicker! Although judging from a shanked punt earlier, his punting might need some work too.

At least they're holding BC to...nevermind. He shanked it as I was typing.

Nice move by Carter on that long catch.

Glenn rush TD. Als back in it!

What team has Glenn not played for? lol

BC two and out.

This has to be the least flagged game this season.

No challenges either.
Yesterday's game was pretty clean too.

Maybe we'll finally have a good weekend.

I think only Toronto. He's been properly of everyone else.

Come ooonnn! Montreal shooting themselves in the foot all night.

Popp should be flagged for delay of game. Turnovers and scoring plays are all reviewed automatically.

You "spoke" too soon. You can bet that Popp is ALWAYS going to find a play that goes against the larks that he'll challenge whether he has a case or not! :roll:

Horrible snap. Montreal playing like a high school team against a CFL team.