BC @ Montréal

Les Alouette devront se retrousser les manches pour affronter les Lions dimanche prochain.

Après une débâcle à Hamilton, ils sont condamnés à la perfection.

On dit que les défensives gagnent les championnats, mais je crois que les Alouettes vont être encore une fois une démonstration que cet adage tient plus de la légende que de la réalité. Il faut que toutes les phases du jeu fonctionnent pour gagner un championnat, et ce ne sera pas de trop pour affronter les Lions dimanche prochain.

Les Lions ont une excellente défensive, et ont une attaque capable de produire plus de points que celle des Alouettes. Et ils ont des unités spéciales, eux. Les Alouettes devront sortir leur meilleur football depuis très longtemps pour espérer terminer avec une autre partie à jouer. Mais contrairement à ce qu'on vivait au début de la saison, on sait que les Alouettes peuvent gagner cette partie. Les chances ne sont pas énormes, mais elles existent et il faudra compter sur cet espoir, autant que les joueurs doivent le faire aussi.

Nous verrons qui sera le personnel partant dans le champ arrière offensif la semaine prochaine, mais il est certain que l'absence de Sutton se ferait sentir, tant à l'attaque qu'en protection.

A low scoring game is expected as both teams have defenses stronger than their offenses. In 2014, low scores are more common than high scores. In recent seasons, trend of BC losing at Montreal. But in previous 30 meetings, BC tends to play well against Montreal. Also BC has never lost before to Montreal in playoffs history. Both teams might be better than their 9-9 records. Montreal improved in second half of season while BC qualified earlier for playoffs in tougher division and could afford to lose games to crossover. So a close game might be possible.

Untrue. We blew out the Lions in the 2009 EDF on our way to the Grey Cup championship.

Très vrai, mais on peut difficilement s'attendre à une répétition de cette partie dimanche prochain­. Les Alouettes devront trouver une façon d'enterrer Glenn continuellement et de prolonger les séquences à l'attaque de façon régulière, et ce, dès le botté d'envoi. On ne gagnera pas à seulement courir contre les Lions, aussi il faudra que l'attaque aérienne fonctionne.

Of course, I'm not expecting a blowout or even necessarily a win. But the OP was saying we'd never beaten the Lions in the playoffs and I just wanted to offer a correction.

Absolument, et c'était de bon aloi. Je voulais simplement ajouter sur les aspirations légitimes qu'on pouvait exprimer pour cette partie.

For sure. Nothing about this team, apart from the defense, inspires confidence. The regular season is in the books and the offense is as brutal as ever. Crompton can barely work efficiently using half the field and doing no pre-snap reads or any other QB cerebral work. Special teams find new ways to appall every game. So there is absolutely no certainty to anything right now. We could beat BC, or they could beat us. I wouldn't be surprised at either result.

To make room for Travis Lulay the Lions have released DE Chris Olson. Als have some injuries on the DL and Olson has some inside info on the Lons defence. Do I smell a match made in the divisional semi-finals?

God, the state of journalism these days. TSN has this spiel below a headline: "BC Lions quarterback Travis Lulay on TSN 1040's Bro Jake Show says there's no reason why they can't be the first team to win a cross-over playoff game."

Um. Edmonton won a crossover playoff game in 2008. They advanced to the EDF where they lost to us. That was the year Calgary beat us in the Grey Cup. BC did the same in 2009.

How hard is it to do BASIC fact-checking before opening your pie-holes, worthless Canadian sports media?

doesn't the quote come from Lulay and not the reporter?

If so, it's Lulay who doesn't know history.

But the reporter should have challenged him on it.

Yes, it comes from Lulay, but the fact that it appears on TSN's site below the headline makes it appear as fact. They're leading with it as if it's a relevant talking point when it is, in point of fact, flat-out factually incorrect. And the worst part is, it's so lazy and pointless. The last team to win a crossover game is Lulay's OWN EFFING TEAM in 2009, not that long ago.

Any word on injuries ? Rodgers and Sutton did not finish. And what's up with Cox, playing hurt ?

Hello, anybody ?

I can't believe they're actually going to play a guy who's been away from the game for weeks. But if they do, hopefully the Als can give dish out the same medicine they served Casey Printers in 2009.

This is a plant by Wally Buono. Lulay will not play, he's just trying to trick Higgins. Can't blame him for doing it. Wally called the Gazette to plant the story...

I did not, nor did I read the Lions, say that Lulay would play. But if finally healthy enough to play he is at very least a better option than whoever was their third string QB. Besides, the move only put him on the 46 man roster, not the game roster. If he is not on the game roster then it was likely just mind games, if he is then it is most likely an upgrade at the backup spot as I can't see him actually starting.

Als move Samuel Fournier, national RB, to the inactive list and move Andrew Smith, national WR, to the 46-man roster.

Sutton says he will play:

[i]Ne pas céder à la panique en attaque

Blessé lors du dernier match, le demi-offensif Tyrell Sutton a assuré qu’il serait à son poste dimanche... [/i]