BC @ Montreal

And that is how badly it can go when ou give up a safety to get field position. They march down and get the TD anyway. All you did was give them two extra points.

Lulay has been off on a number of throws. Lucky they are playing an Als team decimated by injuries and rebuilding from the Hawkins "era". Lulay 2012 version would've put up more than just the one TD by now.

As good as Trestman was as a coach he didn't do the Als any favours by not getting a successor to Calvillo in place. Maybe he did with McPherson and they moved on from him. The way Marsh and Niewander have looked so far though Popp might change his mind on McPherson pretty quick.

Yeah. Course on the upside they have BC deciding to hand the ball off on 3rd-and-1 and run sideways.

Did I miss a memo this year that the QB sneak is being phased out or something? I had to rewind the game to look at it again because it’s so WTF.

Where is everyone across Canada? Back to the Ticat board. At least someone is discussing the game there, guys.

It's on TV tonight in the US too, but without Calvillo plus the heavy rain, wow BORING.

Cuthbert and Suitor sure are talking an awful lot to cover for the dead air. Hmmmm. :?

Yeah. I'm thinking of going to the pool for a dip. Not feeling the joy in this game.

People probably expected a blowout because of all the Als injuries and didn't expect a close game. Don't know if anyone would've predicted this snooze fest. Not sure if its the weather factoring in or what but the surprise is how the BC offense is playing below their ability.

Pretty bad game. Not as bad as the Als Rider game last week, but not much better. The Als are self destructing in this one, they’ve had a few nice plays, but too many turnovers.

Good start to the 2nd half for the Als, get a big return and score a quick TD. And then Lulay throws another interception. We appear to have a game, for now anyways.

Interesting statistic... Lulay now has 8 interceptions, while he had only 10 all of last season, and 11 the season prior to that.

Nice return for the second week for Tim Brown...NICE. Too bad the BC offence is way under par again.

Oh Montreal - have a chance to close the gap to 4, and instead the missed field goal gets returned for 7 the other way. At some point they need to stop attempting the longer field goals, that's the 2nd missed return for a TD against them.

Tim Brown; Missed field goal attempt runs the distance for the major…28-14 Lions lead.

28-21 now. Montreal appears more resilient than I had expected.

Marsh has shown flashes. Lulay playing just bad enough and Marsh just well enough to keep the game closer than it should be. Nieswander sat as 3rd string behind AC and McPherson for 2 years, finally moves up to 2nd string, and 1 quarter into his first career start may have played himself off the roster now that Troy Smith is in town.

...it's close because the BC "O" non-existent.

Lulay’s lookin like he partied last night away. Would Benevides change it up with Demarco?

Lulay has looked very poor this season, imo.

If you're BC I think you have to sit Lulay for a series. The blocking up front has been incredibly bad as well for him.

Wow - 313 to 158 yards for Montreal.