BC @ Montreal

Let's go Montreal! BC hasn't lost in a while. :smiley:

S.J. Green from Calvillo - 51 yards.....Skookum - TD Whitaker From Calvillo...7-0 Montreal

That didn't take long. 7-0 Montreal. :o

"Rowdy Roddy" Black and "D'uh"uanne Forde. Woo Hoo! The class is back in the booth. :lol:

This is going to be a good one. My man AC!

Going to be a long night for the Lions. This is the beast of the east for real.

Lulay was dropped on the sack - 2 and out Lions

I took 2 home teams and 2 road teams this week and Montreal is one of my home teams. I learned my lesson, when you expect AC to lose don't bet against him.

I went for the hometown sweep. If Jyles plays, I might switch just to go for the homer pick, but if Joseph's in there, gonna be a long afternoon for Edmonton.

Can someone tell Forde to shut the **** up when the ref is announcing penalties. :roll:

No doubt.

Just like that, the defences showed up.

Als.... regain field position from roughing the kicker penalty on Whyte....Posh Paws - Geroy Simon

My Edmonton/Calgary pick involved a highly advanced scientific formula; Calgary bad one week, good the next. Since last week
they were good this week.................Go Eskies Go! :wink:

Lulay: so good under pressure

Als in rush package all night?

Looks like BC's using Edmonton's o-line tonight, but Lulay's still marching em down.

Arland Bruce: what a character. Waving for the flag on one play, slipping past Chip Cox on the next.

Chaps runs good plays too - for his work.....Lulay to Bruce - all tied at 7

He' such a nerd though. Total geek. Kinda cool in his weird way.

Playing with Osaisai on defense is like playing a man down. He either gives his receiver a 20-yard cushion or mugs him for PI. He's the Drive-Extender. Lulay picked on him any time he needed a wide out completion.