BC @ Montreal

The game isn't for an hour but I'm ready for it to start now!!! It shall be great. BC Has done very well against Montreal for years and Montreal has had a long time since they had to get up for a game. But then again, Montreal has been dominant all year against most of the league.

Should be entertaining!

The Als win going away…

You guys hear that NFL people at the end of their yapfest? "Also aparently the CFL semi-finals are on today". :roll:
Now that those persons are gone, time for some good football!
Beer #1 comming up!

Yeah glad that ESPN dump is over. Now time for some real stuff.

The day is finally here. Lions will triumph...hope AC likes turf because the sackmasters are coming.

Just make sure you pace yourself. At least six hours of football ahead of you and you don't want to run out of beer.

I have more than enough beer! My dumbass friends are late so they're missing the game. Their loss.

AC wasted no time in making that turnover count.

Grims won't like me... I'm watching the Colts game. When I found out it was on, I was there immediately. I thought they'd gyp me. :lol:

Anyway, I'll be popping in on this game during commercials. Go Als!

Looks like we are going to just give them this game with these turn overs!

this is the alouettes year.
making it look easy against a very good lions team...a lions team that very easily coulda won the west ( OT loss to the riders, and last second FG loss to the stamps ).


I think they're just realizing they're not playing the Cats


Easy to say when you given 14 easy points!

i dont think anyone is gonna get in the Als way of winning the Grey Cup this year.
calgary and saskatchewan should be very very scared.

Yeah sure.... Stick around :slight_smile:

This game is O-VER.

If the Lions loose I am looking forward to seeing Buris have his ass handed to him in front of his home crowd by the Al's!

good for the lions..keep this thing interesting.


alouettes offence is on FIRE.