BC, Montreal and Hamilton big winners at the draft. Saskatchewan biggest loser.

Read an interesting article on 3rd Down Nation regarding the winners and losers of the CFL draft here:


BC's trade with Winnipeg exchanging first and second rounders over the next two drafts provided BC with an influx of Canadian talent they desperately need being one of the worst teams in the league for national depth. Possible first year starter in offensive lineman Godber and what is widely reported as the best defensive tackle in Julien Laurent. The additions won't prevent BC from finishing last in the division but will help in the coming years.

Hamilton traded a stud o-lineman in Bomben, but the team has some decent national depth and he is 30 years old - an age at which many linemen start to decline. In return they received the first overall pick and picked up Chapman, a receiver who has a decent chance at starting this year as he appears pro-ready. Their other first round pick Ciraco, while not ready to become a full-time starter, should develop nicely over the next season and a half into a full time starter on the interior of the line. Rounding out their top four picks in the first fifteen overall are defensive back Bennett and DL Brett Wade. Nice draft that will have Hamilton as one of the top 3 or 4 teams for Canadian depth for the forseeable future.

Montreal had terrible Canadian depth, even with the recent signings of Westerman and Muamba. Westerman at 33 years of age is a short term solution while Muamba should be around long-term given the Als limited options...not that that is a bad thing. They further rectified the lack of quality starters by trading the first overall for Bomben, an all-star O-lineman and addressed depth on the O-line with the drafting of Rutherford 2nd overall. He will probably see a fair bit of duty given Montreal's age on the line. I hear Banner could be a steal in the 3rd round as a backup to Westerman. Montreal still slots to finish in last place but the noticeable improvement in Canadian depth - hopefully be supplemented by improvements in recruiting in other areas (ie qb)- may just see the team improve by 2019.

Saskatchewan had at best an average starting 7 nationals with rapidly aging and declining players in Rob Bagg and Labatte not to mention the departure of one of their few impact Canadians in Muamba - due to suspect cap management by Chris Jones. Their depth behind the starting 7 was pretty thin as well. So it came as a suprise that Jones once again used a high pick to draft a player already signed by the NY Jets in OL Shepley who will probably never be seen on this side of the border in a football uniform for several years at best. The Riders needed some help on the line given labatte's decline in play, a mediocre Dan Clark at centre, newly signed guard Travis Bond being switched to tackle (how on earth will that work out!) and recent first overall draft pick Josiah St. John looking like St. Bust up to this point. They blew it and exacerbating the issue if their lack of picks altogether - only 5 this year!

Given the lack of depth there is talk of Sam Hurl starting at linebacker - Yikes! Overall the writer was correct in grading the Riders as the worst team at the 2018 draft.

;DThat’s some nutbar factor 6 stuff right there.

And then watch Sask be the biggest winner at Grey cup with B.C. Montreal and Hamilton being non playoff teams. :smiley:

Riders maybe have let Muamba go, but they signed Evans.

This team is in trouble at LB and aging in all other Canadian positions. 1 or 2 key Canadian injures and this team slips into next year town pretty fast

How are the Riders different from any other team in the league if one or 2 Starting Canadians go down? Every team would have to "shuffle" their roster and that is a fact for everyone.

Yeah...It is like saying "team X is in trouble if their starting QB goes down." Yeah...I would hope that the loss of a starting QB would cause concern. Same applies here.

As far as this "aging" goes, I suggest White Stallion learns to actually look at things. The Riders have 2 starting Canadians over 30...3 if you count Messam, who they have stated the idea is rotations....so call it 2.5. "oh noooos"

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns with this team is that they are overall maybe a little too young...it is a point a few players mentioned at the end of last season. Taking Glenn and Dyakowki out of the picture, the Riders are actually perhaps the youngest roster in the league now. they were 27.5 last season, and the Redblacks the youngest at 27.1 at the end of the regular season (impossible to calculate now until camp is well over).

BC definitely had the best draft.

Godber- Will compete for the starting right guard position

Laurent- Will rotate at defensive tackle

Mackie- Is the future at the fullback position and will learn from Rolly Lumbala

Knevel- Will back up at both guard and tackle if he comes north. Maybe once Wally is gone they can finally play a Canadian at tackle.

Guzylak-Messam- Can play both safety and cornerback. He will add great depth to the secondary.

The other two, I don't know much about.

Edmonton signed all of their top seven round picks. Hard to beat that, as there in CFL camp not NFL bound.