BC / MONT...Grey Cup Preview???

Congrads to Montreal.....Great game, good entertainment...wish we could have had 8 quarters instead of 4. I can't complain much about the loss. It was a nail biter and you guys won it on the last play.

Hope we meet you in the Grey Cup..... I want to see a continuation of Sunday's game....(With opposite results of course!)

Last 2 BC/Als games were nail biters. I'm glad that Als pulled it of fthis time and that Don did not have to make a call!

You can say last 3-4 games....because I still remember last year @ Mcgill wre Dickenson came in late 4th quarter and won it in the last seconds....

Man does it feel great to end a 6 games losing streak vs B.C. Last game we won vs. them was June 2002.

You're right Xgamer....The last few seasons have provided some thrillers.

Good luck in the Eastern Playoffs. I want to be enetertained @ the Grey Cup!