BC LOSES AGAIN AT HOME- What is wrong with the Leos???????


2nd strainght home loss. Gosh, you have to win your home games. What is happening in Lotus Land. Paul McCallum gone sour???????????
All year the Leos offence has sputtered during games with spurts of brilliance then fading away to oblivion!!
Their defence cannot do it by themselves. Do they have a quarterback that can throw deep???? Perhaps a trade for a qb is in order??? Bring back Spergen Wynn?? Danny McManus?? Roy Dewalt?? Joe Kapp??
What is wrong in Lotus Land????????????????????

Just asking :cowboy:
And, tied for 1st with which team that whipped you last time?
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I hate to tell you this turkey, but BC's losses are sort of similiar to the Riders two game losing streak. They lost at home to a divisional rival, then implode and lose by 1 pt. I think the Lions might lose again next week, but after that watch out, because the Lions are too talented a team to go on an extended losing streak.

i dont think they lose next week, i think they lost to two very good teams.... i cant decide which is the better team of the three right now

however, it is only the first third of the season, bombers were 5-2 at this point to last year. we will have to wait and see

Sambo- you and I know what you say is true- but- cmon- we have to rub salt into the wounds of those arrogant BC fans (not all of them are arrogant!) who have claimed now that Buck is back all would be well and that injuries are the only reason the leos lost. Every team has injuries- that is part of the game and how you respond, adjust, prepare, use your depth all contribute to success or failure in any CFL season. To use the EXCUSE OF INJURIES FOR LOSSES IS INEXCUSABLE!!! lol
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Leos Drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure we'd be hearing from you if KJ was out (possibly for the year) and Crandell was playing hurt. However, I don't think Buck is the reason we lost last night. It was our special teams.

...and Charles Roberts...he had a great game last night.

Lions lost in my humble opinion because:

  1. Wally didn't see that Buck was hurtin' and could not throw the long ball and did not pull him for Jackson.

  2. Offensive playcalling did not improvise as game went on.

  3. McCallum's kicking = disastrous

  4. Lions D did not stop the running game of the Bombers

  5. Lions played with little emotion.

and other self inflicted reasons!!!

The lions better lose next week or there better be some changes in cowtown, the stampeders better show up.

The Lions are too good a team to go on an extended losing streak. As much as people may claim differently, they are still the class of the league and have managed to win 5 games despite a season-threatening injury to their starting QB.

Look, I'm an Als fan and I hate the Lions with a passion. But they're still the team to beat. If Pierce gets healthy or Dickenson is able to come back from his latest concussion, watch out.

Excellent post.

Good comeback by Bombers. I was encouraged that the Lions O looked a little better with Buck leading the way but the O still aren't in sync. Hopefully Buck will heal soon and start gelling with receivers.

Lions got beat by a good Bombers team but hopefully this is just a little bump in the road for the season. Lions could put away the Bombers when they had a chance and full credit to Bombers for hanging in and pulling off the comeback.

Better luck next week against the Stamps.

Another thing I noticed was that the officiating for the first 3 games of this week has been pretty good. Keep it up refs.

your offense hasnt gelled yet and niether has our defence... when they do watch out..

they started to look like they were in the second half, after the bi heopefully they continue to do so