BC looks very beatable

BC i scertainly not the powerhouse they were lasy year .

For one they lost one the best Dlineman this league has ever had to teh NFL and loast two very good linebackers in Floyd and Johnson ( cats have them both now) and they no longer have that big canadain slotback Jason Clermont and Stefan Logan a vey promising running back is gone and Rob Murphy the best Offensive tackle in the CFL is with the Argos now . Add that Geroy Simon is not getting any younger and that they did not replace these players with very good players with CFL experince .

They looked very beatable in their game against SASK the other night .

I agree with you. Iv said in another post, do not count us out in BC. I hope we end up trying out Cobb at the RB position, he is very fast and can juke well. I believe on a bigger Field he will have a hay day with Kick returns! We didn't play as BAD last game as alot of people think. We missed tackles which needs to be addressed, I hope with the new LB we just signed it will add a step up in that position having 2 vets that played solid and did it on the same team to. I think porter's holding onto the ball to long will go away once he gets the feel of the game and is not trying to Relocate the receivers after a killed snap!

so catsnpac where do you see the new linebacker Johnson playing ? I mean he isn ot a mioddle linebacker and niether is Floyd so are you saing he takes Knwoltons spot or we try to move Floyd to the middle ?
HALEY is a good lineabacker that deserves more than one game to show himself

Im not really sure where we would fit him in. Where ever he would fit in best.?

My guess is they move Floyd to the middle and then Haley goes to the reserve list .
The 2knd possibiity is he replaces Knowlton and maybe Knowlton moves to one of the db spots or even safety

You know what I am going on the limb to say how the Cats actually may surprise us all and they have a chance in the lions den.
The Eastern teams have been horrible in Vancouver over the years, so here come the Cats after a bad opening game and well maybe the Lions take them lightly.

Or maybe the ticats go about there usual gameplan of taking everyone lightly despite there records or the talent they have.

I'm in agreement with poster # 2 .

The B.C game is a perfect time to unleash Cobb. He has the potential to be a game breaker and could very well loosen things up for our Quarterback with some swing passes or screens. Not to mention his return capabilities.

Are you talking about the same BC team that turned the ball over 6 times against the Riders, but still almost won? A BC team that looked a hundred times faster and more passionate than the Tiger Cats?

I would be shocked if we won out there this Friday. And I'm a huge Ticat fan.

I will also say it will be either feast or famine.
Porter is going to have to step up big time and "win" a game instead of the short ineffective stuff like against my Argos.
Also, how about coach B, how long before his honeymoon period is done.
Especially if you guys have a repeat of last year. And trust me as an Argo backer, we in Southern Ontario need the Argos and Cats to be competative and now.

The Ticats look very beatable also.. don't get your hopes up.

It's possible. Certainly more possible than last year, but don't underestimate BC. They were playing a very solid Sask team.

I hope you guys are right maybe along road trip will help them bond as a team.B C was sloppy last night maybe they have another bad game in them. :?

Meh. I think that BC is a good team still. I also don't think the team will be taking the lions lightly after the whooping they received on wednesday.

I’m a Cat fan all the way but I don’t see everyones logic here. In week 1 we lost by 13 and BC only lost by 4. How do we look better than them?

Well how about after last week there is only one way to go, UP?

Beatable? You do realize we are the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and the Cornell Big Red football team would give us a run for our money.

Maybe the turnovers??? I'm with you though I don't see how they are looking very beatable, considering we played the 2nd last place team from 08 and BC played the 2nd place team from 08... We lose by 13 and they lose by 4, I think we are tough this week and it will be an extremely hard game to win..

BC by 15

Cats 31-21.