BC Logo

On the BC Lions logo, the lion has no mane. So wouldn't the lion be female? Is BC sporting a female lion on their logo? I know its not important, but I've just been hanging out with Mary-Jane and i thought of it.

Yes, in the picture, it would be a lioness. Maybe we should call them the lionesses. We could probly get away with it if they weren't kicking the crap out of every other team

I'd have to say female just because back in the sixties Elaine Tanner, (mighty mouse), she was an oylipic swimmer. Allways dressed up in a lion costume and led Dal Ritchards and his Band of Renown around the field at Empire Stadium and no one ever thought the mascot was anything but female.

…it’s a mountian lion, i.e. - cougar, not an african lion…

Maybe the mane is the BC??? but this just makes the Paw logo look even better! :smiley:

Long Live the PAW!!!

You are correct....Thanks for educating the uneducated R&W

????? no Lion Mane???? geez and I thought all these years it was just a female lion.........too funny.. ...........Sorry not trying to poke fun but that was FUNNY as hell.

Yes, thank you R&W, for educating the masses ... why was it so hard for everyone to figure out that it was a mountain lion???

Just a thought on this topic.
The french translation of British Columbia is Colombie Britannique. So if the logo went bilingual then both of the lions on the helmet could face the same way.
Yes, I'm a smartass.

smarta$$ or dumba$$? lol. just kidding