BC Lions worst nightmare comes true- Playoff game in Regina

Hello Lions fans,
Your worst nightmare has happened. Because you could not close the deal against a 2nd and 3rd string quarterback in Calgary (Huff,Wally's old friend, did everything he could to give the game to you on a silver platter!!!), now you must come to Regina and face 3 quarterbacks and our defence and fans and weather. Our Riders DID CLOSE THE DEAL COMING BACK AGAINST THE ARGOS AND GETTING IT DONE!!!
The CFL is awesome.
We will be waiting for you, and, BC Place will be sitting empty next weekend. How sad!
gobble, gobble! :rockin: :cowboy: :thup: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You guys will lose to B.C.

50-50 chance of that, no? Lets see who shows up next Saturday shall we?

One can only hope :smiley:

It is 50-50, but my prediction is you guys will lose. It'll probably be a close one, but in the end, the Riders will be going home early.

I am more than excited about another home playoff game its what only the 3rd one in the last 25years?????

But I agree with Cheif, I don't trust Bish or anyone else at QB to come in and put together a good game.

It would be my worst nightmare to if i had to worry about beer getting thrown at me :wink:

If I was a Stamps fan I would want BC to win too.

Its a good thing the Cats were so bad then, you have nothing to worry about...

i say it's about a 70-30 chance because we have home advantage

We tenderized Buck real good for you guys. Now dont blow it.

Normally yes not when you throw beer at the other team and get them even more fired up. Its a pickem game.

We tenderized Buck real good for you guys. Now dont blow it.Eskylo

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Private message And you did a really good job at that. Calgary finished him off. Maybe too good, as I believe Wally might actually start JJ instead.

Meh, don't think it's our worst nightmare. We play well in Sask. They guys always find a way to get fired up for it. What happened last time is only going to add to that fire. I'm predicting a win for us, but I am not sure we can get by Calgary so, it might be meaningless anyway.

hmmm, lost by a couple of points each time, me thinks the Riders are in for a tumble?

I think Chief should be more worried about the Bombers beating the Esks, Riders WILL not lose this game guarantee, the team to beat is Calgary, i said it last year i’ll say it again Riders beat the Lions and then we worry about the Stamps. No worries here.

I'm not worried at all. Win or lose, doesn't matter to me. I actually expect us to lose. Crossover teams don't exactly have a stellar record.

At least the team I cheer is playing this week with a chance to play the next week. Where is your team? Packing up and cleaning out their lockers, and with the new HC you have, it could be the same result next year as well. I guess you need to trade in those black and gold coloured glasses for green ones… :cowboy:

As i recall even with 5 turnovers u barely beat us and we still had opportunity to win.
We will not make that mistake again

RIders 31
BC 17

And Chief be honest about your Eskies
They have a chance and heck if the do good
Sign Danny for many more years,


I wonder if the Rider players were actually wanting the home game? Think about it, if they are behind in the 4th with little chance of coming back, it could well be them who need hard hats to avoid the frozen beer cans.

They should kick BC the way the Lions played Saturday, but the longer the game stays close, the itchier the fans trigger fingers will be. The boos and the booze could make it really ugly.

That said, the defending champs are heavy favorites and shouldn't have to worry about the backlash of the Rider faithful.