BC Lions will win tomorrow

Better team than Edmonton, at home, Dome should be loud. If Lulay plays average, they win a close one. If Lulay plays well, it could get ugly.

Teams are closer than most give credit for. Dome will be loud, sound techs will make sure of it. Huge pressure on Lulay and Lions in general, little or no pressure on Eskimos. Lions cockyness will be their undoing. Eskimos by 16.

Lions have had pressure since they started 0-5. Yes, the Lions are expected to win but that is because they are better team. Will they show it tomorrow? I think they will. I'm hoping for a Lions romp but it could be closer than I think.

By the way, if you've ever been to BC Place and there are close to 50,000 fans it is louder than anything I've ever heard. That's what playing with a roof does. The pumping in fake crowd noise is a joke, but I'm sure you'll blame that when the Lions win tomorrow.

....bad form good sir, for all your tolerable boorishness this comment cannot be passed over...although the handlers of the B.C. Lions were guilty of this in the past, the past is the past...a confident gentleman would agree, a concerned one would not...

Lions by 8 tomorrow, Harris will be the difference.

11-7 record for 3 teams create the misleading impression that they are closely matched. But in momentum and games against each other, there are major differences. If both teams play average, BC should win. Edmonton would need to be extraordinary to win.

....the Eskimos have shown they are above ordinary this year...

As I have pointed out, the league has stated that there is nothing wrong with amplifying the noise. As long as they are not breaking the rules, there is no problem. I merely stated “the sound techs will make sure of it”. I did not say there is anything wrong. Will the mikes remain on during the game, I guarantee it. Sobeit. As I have said many times, as long as the league condones it, there is nothing wrong.

Nobody says there is anbody "pumping fake noise" that would be against the rules. The league has stated many times, leaving mikes on so the noise is amplified, is not against the rules. As long the mikes are left on throughout the game, there is not a problem and the league will monitor that it is either left on or left off at all times.

The stadium will be loud, that is great. There are no excuses.

I agree with you that the Lions will win. I just don't see anyway the Eskimos can keep up with the Lions in the trenches. This is where their injuries on the O-line will screw them. I know some of the experts have suggested that Lulay will somehow feel the pressure or the lions will choke, but in my opinion that wont be the case. Lulay is a different type of cat. I don't doubt for a minute he will be the most focused player tomorrow.

Can't wait for tomorrow - best football day of the year...even better than the Grey Cup.

This game for me is simply too close to call. Unless one of them can jump out to a huge and insurmountable lead it may very well come down to the last play to decide it.

Receivers are very close RBs seem to give BC an slight edge. D and return game are a wash this game will be close but I say Esks by 7

Eskies will win I think, too much pressure on the Lions to win at home and hosting the GC.