BC Lions will win the Cup this year.

 The Lions are the best team by far in the league.  A fluky win by the riders who are a joke.

Even Buck Pierce is better than most of the other starting qbacks in the league. guys like turkeyguy are dreamin. Calgary will choke again. Look for the Leos to wallop the opposition the rest of the way. Wally is better than all the other coaches combined. roar Lions roar. See ya in winnipeg .

u guys said this last season and again in defence, anything can happen. i most definately do not count out the lions but the stmaps and riders are both having good seasons and can defeat the lions. there is no calling out grey cup winners at this point of the season. lets wait till playoffs to do that this year.

A fluky win by the Riders, what about the other two times they beat them? The RIders going 3-1 against the Lions in the season series is pretty god in my opinion.

So we fluked out 3 times out of 4? Only game you won was the 1st game of the season, which the Riders were unprepared to play. Go back to sleep there roarin06, and well wake you when the Riders are hoisting the Grey Cup in the Peg!

BC Lions will win the Cup this year

You misspelled Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

bluelagoon, sadsambo,wimpyfan,& footballstupid youre all morons who don't know squat about football. come back and talk when you are informed. we west coast guys know our sstuff. BC is BEST.

guys like roarin06 are the real morons!!!
riders Rule

Sorry to burst your bubble roarin but the lions are going to crash and burn like they always do and Buono will back in his hometown next year coaching the Al's to the grey cup.

Roarin I am keeping this post for later! I hope you do not have to eat crow like my bomberfan friends!

I don't know, they will make the playoffs no question, but they are playing in a very competive division with the Riders and the Stamps.

You can't call a Leo's win now, it's way to early, and the West division is way too competitive.

The only call I would be willing to make at this point is that the Cup will be won by a Western team. Other than that...

Have to agree with hw. The Lions have the Stamps number, the Riders have the Lions number and the Stamps have the Riders number but each team may be due for a loss against the other team that has their number. It's gonna be a toss up between these three teams for the GC. All three teams are looking pretty solid

Note that this guy only has 2 posts on here and hasn't had a taste of crow yet. Dumb to make statements like that , it's anyones game to win yet.

Sportsbooks still have BC as favorite to win the grey cup. Unlike previous seasons, BC chances are better now because of health, improved defense and favorable match-ups looming. Most probable scenario is Calgary over Saskatchewan and BC over Calgary.

w.e it is the west will win the cup. to ba for my poor bombers. but other then edmonton any team in the west can beat any other team. i will wait to cheer on the riders as the lions crash and burna gain like they are so good at. Now i know a bomber shouldn;t be cheerin on the riders, but i got more respect for them the the lions and the completely lunatic and moronic lion fans on this site.

Good points Lionbacker. There are some very good teams out west. Injuries, weather could all play key factors. While going to the Grey Cup may look proimising, I'm not planning any parade routes yet.

Good point pennw regarding number of posts, sounds like we need R&W2005's aerosol can for trolls!

Rock, Paper, Scizzors anyone?

good 1 LMAO!!! :lol:

All good points but how does b.c. go from going all the way, and then tanking cause they lost in OT, to Saskatchewan. There will be a motivational factor for B.C. if they meet Saskatchewan at B.C. place for the Western Final. Back in 85, the Lions lost both games to Winnipeg during the year and then dismantled them in the Western Final. Calgary has to get past Toronto again, and even after that only have 3 games left. So if B.C. wins Saturday and Calgary loses in Toronto, where are we? Back to where we started a week ago. Calgary had better finish first, as well as Saskatchewan. History means nothing, you still want to finish first and give yourself the best chance to succeed. Wally gives you that every year. Good luck to all cities.

The Lions are much better at tripping at the finish line then the stamps buddy.
The stamps will crush the Lions in the west final!