BC Lions will lose the Western Final!!!

3 and they're all better than Kerry Joseph.

Average was, I believe, around 30,000, but don't quote me on that. Someone at lionbackers.com will probably have the numbers all worked out already.

I posted this a couple weeks ago, and I've been updating it throughout the year... anyway, here are the current attendance statistics for all of the teams in the CFL:


It depends on a number of factors but I'm pretty sure the number is lower than the number of big games the Riders have choked in over the past 20 years. I think its also a bit lower than the number of Grey Cups we have won since the Riders last drank from the cup. Hey, if you'd like we'll send Clermont out to Regina with the Cup this December so all you hucks can bring your kids off the farm in your Jalopies to see it since they've now lived their entire lives without the experiencing the glory of winning the coveted Grey Cup. "Is it real dad? I thought the Grey Cup was imaginary."

"No son, its real. Way back before you were born the Riders won that cup."

BC 28,652
Calgary 31,246
Edmonton 36,843
Saskatchewan 24,854
Winnipeg 25,063
Toronto 30,931
Hamilton 20,933
Montreal 22,903

Based on the numbers in the spreadsheet.

must be ab error in your formula. Riders haven't had any games under 25,000 so average has to be alot higher.

June 28 is the first date.

No, the averages as listed in the spreadsheet are:

BC: 32,233 (8 games)
Calgary: 31,246 (9 games)
Edmonton: 36,843 (9 games)
Saskatchewan: 27,960 (8 games)
Winnipeg: 28,196 (8 games)
Hamilton: 23,549 (8 games)
Toronto: 30,931 (9 games)
Montreal: 22,903 (9 games)

These are up to and including last week (Week 18 ). You calculated including the final week (19), and that adversely affects BC, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, and Hamilton's averages, seeing as, as of now, they would be 0 since the game has yet to be played.

Yes, I did add in week 19, and as soon as the numbers are in next weekend, it will update correctly.

Mr. Turkey If the Riders are for real then there is no excuse for losing to the Stamps. From my vantage the Stamps are not as good in all phases of the game as the Riders. A hot Henry Burris is formidable but CFL playoff games are won largely on defence, and special teams. As a Lions fan the Riders make me a little nervous coming off a bye week but will have to elevate there game to take one in BC Place. Either team will have to beat the Lions in all areas to win. Coaching, Wally and his staff have done one of their best jobs this year and he has a legitmate shot at coach of the year again, even in spite of the great job Austin did this year. Special teams, best return game in the west, great down field coverage, blocked punts ect. The best running in the west and they do not take alot of penalties. If the biggest questions are around their QB's and WR's, I think they are rounding into form just fine.

As a longtime Lions fan going back to the Vic Rapp days I believe this is the best all around Lions team I have seen, especially in areas were the Lions have rarely been a league leader, ie running game and the return game. The question is if the Lions can repeat in the age of parity does back to back constitute a dynasty?

We'll probably get 45,000 or so at the Western Final. It won't be a sellout as BC Place can hold 60,000. Still, with 45k or so it will be deafening. Hell it's loud enough with 30k.

Anyway after seeing DD back behind the lines, the CFL may as well go ahead and engrave the Cup ahead of time, because Sask has no chance. :slight_smile:


In 2006, turkeybend also pretended a BC loss in western final before BC won grey cup. Odds are against BC in repeating. Only one team (Toronto) has repeated in decades? But if BC can win cup again, that would be a remarkable achievement!

Turkey, I sure hope your enthusiasm wears off on the Riders, and they look past Calgary thinking of the Western Final.

Pardon the pun but Calgary is the dark horse here. (Some would argue red horse). If Burris gets hot, with his receivers, and Saskatchewan shrugs them off and looks past them to BC, then an upset could be in the making.

Actually, when it comes to picks, I will be picking Calgary for a different reason.... I think the Riders will be caught up in the hoopla of their first home playoff date in a while, that the Stamps will surprise them.

Keep fishing Turkey! Keep fishing!

[quote="Sportsmen"]Actually, when it comes to picks, I will be picking Calgary for a different reason.... I think the Riders will be caught up in the hoopla of their first home playoff date in a while, that the Stamps will surprise them.[quote]

You clearly haven't been paying attention to Austin's caoching this year. Riders may be a bit excited, but they'll go into the game on a pretty even keel. Same thing as happened at Labour Day. Calgary may take them, but it won't have anything to do with distractions or being caught up in anything.

You are right Big U, This season Austin has done a good job in that department keeping them on track.....but those distraction can sneak up on you.

It is tough to win at home during the playoffs--- ASK CALGARY WHAT HAPPENED LAST YEAR. Your forewarning is not lost on me Sportman- that is why I pick either the Stamps or riders to knock off your Lions. Bucko is done for the season, Jarious is hurtin' and DD - well, although I admire his grit and courage - the man should NOT be playing anymore football. I suspect he is in financial difficulty if he is risking his health in this way. Good luck Dave, sincerely, but don't say many of us did not warn you of the lifetime consequences!!!

riders rule
rider pride nation wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grey Cup party regardless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the Lions will stomp 'em into next year, then lose to he Argo in the Grey Cup.

no you dont. And the East is going to lose this year.

Also Hamilton is way off. They nearly had two sellouts with crowds in excess of 28,000 and the latest just a shade under 20,000.