BC Lions will lose the Western Final!!!


The BC Lions (aka Pussycats) will lose the Western Final at home to either Saskatchewan or Calgary. The true Grey Cup will be between those two teams in the Western Semi-Final as the two best teams will meet at that time. No guarantees for a Rider victory as Calgary is a very formidable opponent. However, in the Western final the Riders or Stamps will breeze by the faltering , injury prone Lions, that is if they have a quarterback left to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stamps or Riders will Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. McCallum is starting to shank his kicks hitting posts etc. Be on the alert, Lions fans, for missed crucial kicks by dear ole Paul.

p.p.s. Is Roy Dewalt still around town- The Leos may need to suit him up as a back-up.

Well for your 'prediction' to come true they're gonna have to play their ass off against those pussycats.

harumpf. this isnt even worth responding to

so I wont.

...even though you did. :smiley:

Well, the Lions do have a 50% shot at losing... :lol:

Given that they've only lost 3 of 17 this year, their "shot of losing" is realistically closer to 18%... 17% after they beat Calgary next week. :wink:

but wouldnt you have to compare that record to the record of the team their facing to come up with a more accurate %age?

well, we all know the winner will be whoever gave the best bribe to the refs :twisted:

Hopefully the Lions give them enough

They either win or they lose... 50% either way.

Turkey, I know the Lions fans will lose their voices from cheering at the WDF.

I might be wrong but it seems the only time many so-called Lions fans show up at BC Place is during the playoffs. Whenever they play in the regular season, you can barely hear the crowd but during the playoffs it is crazy.

Doesn't really mean anything because the Riders sold out like 8 of 10 I think (that is if this next game is sold out), but only have 28, 800. Montreal sells out all of their games and I think they only have about 22, 000.

I love all the anti lions crystal ball calls. Keep em coming ladies, not many anti lions predictions have come true so far.

I giggle.

The Lions will never lose to the Riders under Wally's watch. We're too good and the Riders will have all 60,000, (there is 60,000 people in Sask, right) welfare farmers with their greasy palms out having nothing better to do in the non-crop watching season but bitch about Trudeau, curling stars of yester year, the weather and their beloved Riders, pressure on their backs. The weight of those die hard Riders fans will be unbearable and they will choke as always like a cheap house of cards. Remeber Edmonton 1997, BC two years ago?

If you still hire shyster rain makers in that backward province you do you might want to pony up all the co-op surpluses and hire him to actually rain a few touchdowns agaisnt the Lions defense because you don't stand a chance in the dome. No one does.

The BC bud you have been smoking is pretty potent I see, for you to post offensive drivel like this... :thdn:

BC Place has a "Be a Fan not a Fool" promo.
Apparently, doesn't apply to this forum.

Should adopt a "Be a Human not a Tool" Promo up in here...

Welfare, curling, shyster... pry your ass from your chair and get some daylight, bud. :wink:

swervins still squirmin.

be a fan....not a fool!

Ha,ha swervin' you ate the hook, line and sinker--haha you made my night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Riders Rule
Lions Drool

Question- how many quarterbacks does it take the Lions to complete a game??????????????? :cowboy: