BC Lions will be homeless in 2026 due to WC

Well, I was around in the 90s and it almost killed the league the last time. But the Lions playing a regular-season game south of the border makes no sense. There is lots of room to increase the brand on this side of the border.

More likely they would play within BC at an alternate site or most likely play the preseason in Kamloops, Kelowna or Victoria and then start the season with a series of road games, similar to what Winnipeg did in 2012 (IIRC) when they started with 4 road games.

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If the team was playing in an adequate stadium and it was marketed properly it would make sense. Calgary and Toronto played a neutral site game in Portland in the 90’s. That was a more questionable decision. BC Lions are loved all across America and they should be leading point in any neutral site game attempt.

90’s USA expansion was the best idea the CFL ever had. If they went to Chicago, and New York State instead of the Deep South and kept it at 2 teams for 10 years, the league would be in far better shape today

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We will have to agree to disagree on that one. The 90's expansion was a desperation move done because the league lost the sponsorship deal with Seagrams. It was a bad idea then and is a bad idea now. We can't get enough support on this side of the border let alone in a country that views it (falsely) as an inferior product compared to college or the NFL. Let's fix it here first.


I believe the league is trying to that already. Revenue sharing, expansion to the Atlantic etc. The job isn’t done yet but at least they have started.


I agree on the original six should have been their plan instead of the Deep South for 10 years ; But there is good reason why they didn't .

Detroit , Chicago , New York and the Boston area would have made sense for the CFL : if only they had made the NFL happy first .

But there is no way they want to go where the NFL was and face the NFL in Toronto back then when the gloves were taken off .

There would be no cover and goodwill for the CFL anymore .

The league would have died as they would not have got that loan from the NFL after the US expansion debacle and also would have faced a NFL expansion attempt in Canadian markets back then .

The league wants to keep it's traditional time and rules it can't look south of the border other than a fun of a one of game once in awhile .

They could play an exhibition or even a regular season game in New York or Detroit as the NFL does the same here and with their blessing as just a One of to get more television viewers .

But nothing more than that . That would be acceptable most likely with the NFL .

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According to this story the NFL was okay with CFL trying to expand in America again. The CFL didn't pull the trigger.

York writes that NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue "actually
encouraged" the CFL to expand into the U.S. in 2002. An
anonymous CFL governor: "Tagliabue told [Alouettes Owner
Robert] Wetenhall that we shouldn't go into certain cities
such as Los Angeles but that his league would have no
problem if we decided to give franchises to cities near the
Canadian borders" (Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 2/22)."


Yes for sure certain areas means NFL areas .

Maybe Tagliabue knew they would falter in smaller US cities north and then there would be no barrier to the NFL expansion north and didn't see any big deal in a Rochester NY or Syracuse NY .

But NO LA definitely means they did have qualms with NFL cities and markets .

NFL is just too big to play fall football in the US other than a one of to spur TV viewer interest . That I do agree on but only ONE ofs to compliment a CFL media deal with a good US platform that wants to market the league south .


This has now morphed into another expansion into the USA thread like the hundreds of others that have polluted our CFL forum



Rams were in St Louis, Raiders were in Oakland in 2002. To me, no going to Los Angeles meant don't go more than 1000 km from another CFL team. If he didn't want any competition with an NFL team he would have said don't go to Windsor/Detroit area etc.

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Haven't read all the posts in this thread but a great chance in Toronto to play some games at Varsity at U of T with some expanded seating, I'm sure they could make it into a 10,000 seater easily even if only temporarily. Unless the Argos have already moved to another city at this point in time. :wink:

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It would be funny if Toronto moved to Buffalo.


Good point.

Let's stick to the topic.


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I believe it was about having a BC home game south of the border if they needed one if BC place was not available .

That would be reasonable discussion on the thread about being homeless .

My choice is somewhere in BC but if not open to expanding the BC CFL market close to the border .

But with that discussion on a US game possibility always brings up the other experiences south of the border like the Portland game for instance and morphs into the bad and good about expansion .

and the past .

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My guess is if they can't find a suitable location, their opponent will just get an extra home game and split the gate

There are lots of options and lots of time to plan. My best guess is that both BC and Toronto will have have one neutral site home game and three road games during the first 4-5 weeks of the season.

The league should work in a bye week too for them, but will probably need still one alt location game.

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Yea I think this or some similar scenario is most likely. I think the preseason will be played in another BC city or in TO's case one of the universities around the CTA and then both teams will play up to 4 road games with a bye in there to start the season. I don't think there will be a need for a neutral site game but who knows.

i suspect Doman will put a game on in Kelowna to expand the brand utilizing the junior football stadium. UBC will play a Usport game there in 2023. Small at 3,000 but could expand probably but fits in Domans plan I think

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OH no!!! It probably will be the end of CFL.