BC Lions will be homeless in 2026 due to WC

B.C. Place Stadium will be monopolized by FIFA for two to three months from May onwards.

The Lions won’t be the only homeless CFL squad. With Toronto’s successful World Cup bid, the Argonauts are in the same boat.

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I'm guessing... that's the year the CFL will have 'host cities' look after these teams. For nine games each, BC and Toronto will take turns playing out of other team's stadiums as the home team. I think it'll work.

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Not sure where you get two to three months.
With the expanded format Canada will host 10 games. This will be made up of 7 group matches, two round of 32 and one round of 16. The group Stage will take 18 days. Round of 32 eight days, round of 16 four days. 18+8+4=30 days or basically one month.

The last two North American World Cups Started beginning of June (Mexico 1986) and Mid June (USA 1994), in fact, every World Cup since then up until this one in Qatar has started in this window. Lions (and Argos) will not have use of their stadium(s) until mid-July at the latest.

Based on what I mentioned above I think it is more likely they will play their preseason game in a different BC city and then start the season with a series of road games (3-4) and possibly a bye in there. If more is needed maybe they will play a neutral site game against the Argos, possibly in Atlantic Canada.

For the Whitecaps I don't see it being much of an issue as they should be able to play on dates the field isn't being used or I would think the MLS might take a World Cup break.


This could be a great opportunity for the CFL.


just a guess on my part, but I suspect that the games will be from end of May to beginning of July, hence people saying 3 months

Agreed. I think it's unlikely they'll do the 'Empire Field' thing again for only a few games, so other venues could create a buzz for the league. The CFL schedulers have a responsibility here to do what they can with the schedule but I expect 1 or 2 games will need an alternate venue. Use it like the Atlantic Canada. See who throws their hat in the ring to support a game. Attendance might suffer from Van home games but great PR is worth something too. Going to be interesting.

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BC Place loses 15 million a year already. If they go natural grass year round, they will lose 20. BC is paying almost 300 million for the 10 odd games being played there, so it really is just an accounting error.

Time to really explore some of the markets that are often spoken of. Examples would be to have BC and Toronto play "home" games against Montreal in Quebec City - play each other in Halifax and/or Moncton etc. Not sure if it would be worth try a boarder US city but . . . .

I'd like to see the Lions host games within the province, maybe in Kamloops where they hold their training camps, or in Langford, where the stadium is set to be expanded to 10,000.

The Argos have options within Ontario. Maybe they could try a game at York U or out in Kingston at Queen's. Or Halifax/Moncton if TD Atlantic is still an ongoing thing.


I would hope the CFL can delay their season until the end of June with the Grey Cup in early December that year (2026) to ensure the Lions and Argos can get equal amount of balance between home and road games with bye weeks added in.

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I'd be surprised to see the season delayed by a whole month but perhaps a slight delay of a week or two at most could help ease the problem if it makes some alternatives more viable..

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I could see a 1 week delay from where it currently sits now so in this case the 3rd of week of June. Give the Argos and Lions a combination of 1 bye week and 2 road game the Canadian hosting dates will be done by then.

They would just need a neutral site for pre season which the Argos already do.

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I'd pretty much guarantee Langford would sell out no matter how many seats they have. The ferry ride to the mainland keeps thousands of fans away every home game. Any time I go to the Island I allow 4 hours for the ferry ride alone, never mind that's it's a fair chunk of pocket change for yourself & your vehicle. Bus's would be arranged , giving fans an easy, inexpensive ride from Van. Van Islanders would soak it up, & it would be THE thing to do for the Victoria crowd that weekend.

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Can the stadium in Langford fit a CFL sized football field?

I believe so. The Westshore Rebels of the CJFL play there.

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They have 18 yard endzones.

Not a suitable site for the CFL.

In a cramped location.

I would know as I officiate games there.


That's too bad. I don't imagine the planned renovations include providing extra room for full endzones.

There's a water fountain on one side and the rec center on the other.

You have to have extra footballs on hand as point after touchdown kicks usually end up out of bounds.

That idea shot down pretty quick. Thanks for your dedication as an official.

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No worries.

Doing my part to promote the game I love and enjoy.

Starting to love lacrosse as well (both of my twin boys are playing)