BC Lions will be a kick ass team if the defense turns it up.

The offense was good, but I think the lack of the defense might of brought them down. If we get good defense, we will be a kick ass team, because JJ will be throwing those long bombs a lot more, and be more confident and more pumped up because the whole team is doing good. I keep going back and forth with the QB, but I think JJ is our only chance for a play off spot.

Well they need to tighten up the defence.... I watched Glatt and he was not making plays... I think we need someone with better skills at that spot. I don't understand why they never went after Reggie Hunt?? So they are saying perhaps Logan will return... maybe Cam Wake will get annoyed with the NFL as well!!!

Oh well I can always dream. As far as QB.. well I still think but has the upper hand... JJ looks like he gets too confused out there and just throws the ball. And lastly I don't want to hear anyone say bring Casey back!!

yeah, like, its kind of bad to say when you say I want Stefan Logan or cam wake to get bored or annoyed of the CFL, because you want the best for them, and they make more money at NFL. But I agree, i hope cam and Stefan get annoyed of NFL and come back to the BC Lions. But Stefan is thinking of it and I hope he does.

That's a very big IF. I think it is a matter of more like when!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah sorry, i meant when.