BC Lions what will their last 3 games be?

what will it be

I say 2-1

I'll go with 2-1. The 2 will be Winnipeg and the Riders, and I think it'll be a close loss in Edmonton. Crossing my fingers!

2-1.....The ice is forming in Commonwealth stadium now!

1-2 if lucky against Winnipeg at home. Won't be the Riders or Esks I'm afraid.

same here.

if they could pick off the esks it would be a big moral boost

Bc's gonna be 3-0 and were gonna beat the bombers by 10 points....beat the eskimos by 25 points and riders by 14. GO BC

i think that cause if bc beats winnepeg then that'l get some momentum going

Yes I agree.Printers did pretty good in Montreal. But we need him to win in the West the Lions ROAR

3 and 0