“BC” Lions? What about us islanders

Is there a cheaper method for us islanders to actually get to the game in vancouver? I love going in person but going in person with ferry costs, hotel, food, ticket to game etc… is more than enough to just watch on tv.

Come on! This is the BC lions I’d love to see an island link bus that gets you right to games with discounts on accommodations for lions fans. I know, just a pipe dreams but there’s gotta be a better way.


If BC had played their Ottawa game on an early afternoon start and Lions had a fan bus coming from the Island, would that have helped?

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Saturdays at 4 or 5pm would be ideal only if they (the Lions) have some partnership will a Travel Lodge type of motel enabling the islanders to return home the next day.


Well if you are staying the night then it might as well be a 7:00 start.

The earlier game could mean getting back to the island same day avoiding the hotel.

It's an option for the fans to utilize if they choose to do so.

Probably a nice dinner at some restaurants would be available after the game finishes around 8.

You guys have a new owner who is probably looking for ideas to grow the fanbase. I'm not sure if he pops by here to check on things, but it wouldn't hurt to email someone from the Lions directly.


So you think that because the team represents the province that they are responsible for making your journey to the mainland as convenient as possible? Would you say the same for any organization that represents the province? You're delusional.

Also, what about people who live in northern BC? Is the team responsible for getting them to a game if they desire to attend?

How do people on the island handle it for Canucks, Whitecaps and Warrior games? Perhaps the new owner will rebrand them Vancouver like the others.

Delusional? Have you not been to a lions game? The place is empty… one of the nicest indoor stadiums barely attracts fans. I’d think it would be a good business decision to make attending the games easier for people who live on the island that has a combined population of approx 900,000, which is only an hour ferry ride away. We are so close; yet, so far away. It would make for good business. Seems like you might be delusional.

Costs for an islander to go to lions:

Tickets (2): 180
Ferry: 200
Hotel: 250

$630.00 - doesn’t even include food or drink or parking costs etc… this is only for two people, good luck bringing a family.


Same issue. But the Canucks don’t need to worry about their business and the whitecaps even do a better job at filling up the seats. A lions game is empty… it’s sad to see. Why not make an attempt to tap into a large population that for most is only an hour ferry ride away?


I think the Lions responsibility would be to allow the possibility of a 1 day trip. i.e. early afternoon game. Then tour operators can create a package (bus, ferry, etc)


If you want economical access to pro football, then move to metro Vancouver. You cannot possibly live far away from where a team you want to support plays and expect it to be affordable. Who's going to subsidize that?

The problem isn't getting to the game from the Island,
It is getting back to the Island at Midnight that is the problem.
Perhaps it is better served to talk to BC Ferries and have a midnight Ferry back to the Island on weekends so no need for a Hotel stay


You're talking to someone who thinks it's the Lions problem that they live far away. They cannot be reasoned with.

That’s definitely a good point! But I doubt the ferry would operate for a small group of bc lions fans :frowning:

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Yah but I think the argument is if the bc lions are on the trajectory of a decreasing attendance every year, don’t you think it would be smart to come up with solutions? Take me out of the equation. I’m more than happy to watch football in the comfort of my house but who knows how much longer the bc lions or CFL for that matter has. Especially with the MLS gaining more popularity and the CFL diminishing. If you are a fan of the lions I think opening up to vancouver island would be beneficial? I don’t see why you’d argue differently


But the Lions can only control what the Lions do. They are not BC Ferries, and they cannot alter geography. My point is that the high cost of getting to and staying in Vancouver has nothing to do with the Lions.

It only costs me around 50-60 per person to go to a Lions game, but I live in Burnaby. That's not anyone making it easier or cheaper for me. It's just geography.

I’ll bet if you could get a travel agent involved and between them and the Lions a promotional package could be worked out that may work.


What if the Lions where to move to Victoria and leave the Vancouver market of the whitecaps and Canucks. Fans like Canadianfottballfan surly would have no problem catching a ferry and staying in a hotel on the island for a night. They would probably get more fans to home games than they do now.


Doubt you would see that, plus Starlight stadium is not close to being CFL standards, but good try. LOL!!

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