bc lions vs sask blackout lifted

heard today on our local radio cknw blackout will be lifted. with only single tickets left, the blackout has been officially lifted by the cfl.

I hate blackouts, this one wouldn't have affected me at all but yeah....
Screw blackouts.If people don't wanna go to a game, they don't wanna go.Don't put a gun to their head.
Let them watch on TV and enjoy it so they create the WANT to go.

There are still pairs of tickets available on TicketMaster... just checked now. I like how you always say "CKNW just said it" when that's actually not the case.

They must have had a few payments get rejected then and the seats opened up again... cuz i checked yesterday around 6pm and there were no pairs available.. only singles.

I believe it is the individual teams that decided when to lift the blackouts, and not the CFL...someone correct me if I've erred...

I believe you're right. When I read about blackouts, it's usually representatives of the teams, usually the president or owner, that are saying whether or not they will or won't black a game out.

They also could have opened up some more... who knows. They usually hold back tickets til the home opener for full season ticket sales... probably opening those ones up now.

I believe the league has moved forward enough that they should abolish the blackouts altogether. In the past with struggling franchises I saw the logic in them, but they aren't needed anymore.

Blackouts are automatically lifted when 90% of the seats are sold 24 hrs before kickoff. The blackout range is within a 75 km radius of the stadium, except in Sask where it's the entire province. Otherwise it's up to each team to decide when to lift the blackouts and make the announcements. But according to the TV contract, each team must lift the blackouts for a minimum of 4 of 9 home games, except for the Argos and Ticats who must lift their blackouts for 7 games...or so the story goes.


It is the team not the league that dictates lifting the Black Outs

Agreed. I would be shocked if in the next TV deal, blackouts weren't abolished all together.

well guys, if you have HD TSN, you don't have to worry about it.

I hope the HD stays that way.

Yeah, this. Team doesn't have a choice once the game is 90% sold, though at that point why black it out anyway?

I bet most of the games in BC won't be blacked out this year, at least in the summer. Lot of interest in the new stadium, it only holds 27,500, and the Lions have around 20,000 season ticket holders. Should be sold out or close to it for the whole season. Well the summer anyway, might be a different story come late September when its cold and pouring rain.

Are the lions affected by the popularity of the sea hawks at all?

Not really. The only real thing that draws away from the Lions is the Canucks. Even if they're not playing, most on tv or the radio won't stfu about them and quite often put hte Lions second.

We have the same issue with the stamps and flames