BC Lions vs Montreal game thread for september 4th.

K, after the bombers game I was mad, so i made a comment saying great im going to the game in Vancouver on the 4th to watch them get there ass kicked by Montreal. Well I take that back, maybe they learned from there mistakes, maybe bombers just had a lucky game? Les put the BC Lions and Blue Bombers game behind us and focus on the next game. I still have hope in you BC, you can do it, Our offense had it, but the defense sucked, fix that and we got a kick ass team.

Don't worry.. watching last nights game was hard... but one thing I can say is Micheal Bishop is like Kerry Joseph.. when he is hot he can kill you but when he is not ... it is a disaster. However we did not help ourselves.... the play calls were totally boring and perdictable... JC has got to go as OC!! I have been saying this for years and was glad to see him go to Edmonton.. and annoyed when he came back.

yes, like I said, they just had a lucky game, because Joseph as you said, if he is in the zone, he is killer, if he is not in the zone, its a disaster. So he was in the zone last night doing good, if he wasn’t and played a bad game. BC would of had that game. Who is JC and whats OC?

Since it is back to School night my Family and I will be attending the Game my Son is a big fan of the Lions , My Daughter likes the snacks and the Cheerleaders and my Wife just laughs at all the Drunk fans .