BC Lions vs Hamilton gameday thread

Looking forward to some FNF.
Porter and Pierce starting. How long will they last?

until one or both get pulled... or... the end of the game.. whichever comes first!!

....I get home from work and the youngest daughter is watching something called "The House Bunny"....

...but I gotta say, this might be more interesting :smiley: ....

Can't argue with that analysis. :smiley:


Cobb looking good early on.

Man. Rodriguez makes some great catches.

So, which won out? The House Bunny or FNF?

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God we stink this year. Worst Lions team I have seen in almost 20 years.

No tackling, no intensity. Buono is going to have no lip by the end of the season, you can see him chewing on it on the sidelines.

I was just thinking it would be interesting to keep a camera on him all game.
He is looking stressed.

Thanks, but I couldn't leave all this action.

Good game so far. Cobb is making our D look like a joke but beyond that we look a lot better. I guess some of them are worried about their jobs!
Regardless who wins, if it stays this way it'll be a great game. :smiley:

Great game so far. Cobb has definitely been the difference, 8 carries 110 yds, 1 TD. He is fun to watch.
Amazing how he moves out there.

Lions are falling apart... great game though!

All I can say is WOOT!!!

Oh yea and Cobb.... uneffinreal!!!

Mr. slash and dash and run sidewards, love the way that guy runs albeit some of the holes I think I might have been able to run as well but honestly, he made some yards out there when I didn't think it was there.

Cobb is BC's kryptonite. We simply can not stop this guy. Oh, the 5 turnovers really didn't help.
Seriously, did anobody expect BC to be this bad right now? I konw I wouldn't have! :oops:

True, Earl, some of those holes were huge. Credit to Hamilton's O-line for opening up gaps the size of the QEW. But what can you say about a guy who not only finds the hole, but is constantly seeking out the open area of the field as he's running? He was finding pathways between the linebackers and between the DBs to gain five more yards when most RBs would have just absorbed the tackle.

And when there was no hole, he was actually squeaking through between two tacklers for positive yards! We used to watch Lumsden in that situation just push the pile forward, but I actually think I like this better.

I am a fan of DeAndra Cobb!

Hamilton can do better then 20 000, support your team ! You guys are headed in the right direction.