BC Lions vs Edmonton Eskimos Rematch

Lions vs Eskimos Rematch from last week in the CFL. Should be better conditions in BC then that rain storm in Edmonton.
Can't be the same 17-3 super low scoring game. I think it will pick up a bit without the crappy conditions.

Going with Lions and the Over

Here is my match preview

[url=http://canada.skyleraction.com/cfl-football-lions-eskimos-preview-expert-picks/]http://canada.skyleraction.com/cfl-foot ... ert-picks/[/url]

Who do you fellas have in this game?


Go to first link for the TSN feed with commercials too...it looks like the coverage is ad-sponsored though.

First Row Sports is full of 'crapware' tonight, so avoid it. I picked BC.

I love it with Dunigan on the call with the other guy who is also pretty good.

Dunigan and Miller -- I like them the best on TSN.

And beware spyware on various links to watch games online! You need not ever download anything to watch games - it's likely a scam!

That's pretty much a showcase as to why Odell Willis wasn't brought back by Saskatchewan. He makes some good plays, but takes too many penalties to offset it. Should be 6-3, now it's 10-3.

Penalties again for the Eskies! Low hit/dive to the QB.

Conservative play-calling on offence and tough defence is just not a good strategy to win most games.

Consider last season when the Eskies did not win most games but still made the playoffs only because Hamilton and Winnipeg were so bad.

Every team in the West is outplaying them now again this season, so I would not count again on a crossover as is a crappy and lame way to make the playoffs. :thdn:

Now that’s more like it to change up the play-calling! :thup: Joseph TD! :rockin:

I'm going to be honest, I thought the Eskimos would get crushed on the road in BC place (I suppose it could still happen), but they look better than I gave them credit for. I guess part of the illusion of them being so bad is that they've only really played 1 game in normal conditions, and it was the first game with a lot of turnover on the team.

Home and homes give a false sense of where the weaker teams really are at. I really hope the league can figure out a better way to do scheduling in the future.

I want to see Edmonton lose just to watch what Reed does at the post game this time :lol:

What did Dunigan say on the air that made them issue an apology? I'm only half paying attention to this game, and I tried to PVR back to find his story about The Don but couldn't find it.

Missed it too. I was doing something else when he was telling his story, but Dunnigan does get animated sometimes.

I'm getting nervous about tomorrows game now. With the BC win I'm 3-0 this weekend, was 4-0 last weekend and surely I won't go perfect back to back weeks. Could there be an upset in the making tomorrow?

That's a new one on me.

Andrew Harris behind that o line, real good. Good game but the better team won.

Dunigan does get animated, don't know what he said though.


Edmonton back up looked real good. Will he start next game.??? :wink:

S**t eating grin

it was garbage time, but he has looked good back into preseason. Glenn, Crompton and Mitchell must be on the RedBlacks watch list, though I must admit, Collaros should be on the list as well. There are actually some really sharp looking backups right now. Willy might be on that list as well, but I think all the others mentioned are better, and hey...Koch had a nice toss today lol