BC Lions v. Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Just preparing to attend the final game of the season tonight. We will have to bundle up - it is going to be a chilly night at THF.
The Tiger-Cats enter tonight's game with a record of 14 - 3, and have already clinched first place in the East. They are absolutely dominating this year; they have the #1 rated Offence in the CFL. And they have the #1 rated Defence in the CFL.

Coach Steinauer has made the somewhat controversial decision to sit Jeremiah Masoli and a few others for this game, in spite of the fact that Masoli's 6,095 yards passing in 2020 leaves him 130 yards shy of Kent Austen for second most passing yards in a single season. And Jeremiah has only started 15 games, since he missed the first 2 games of the season !! Nonetheless, Dane Evans gets the start tonight against the BC Lions. What do you think of that ??

Go 'Cats !!!

. . . what might have been, were it not for the Coronavirus pandemic !!

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Every time I step out into that crisp fall air all I can think of is playoff football. Dang I am really missing the league right now

Yet some of fans want the Grey Cup to take place on Thanksgiving Day.

These cold conditions is also part of the playoff experience.

Any team that can overcome these challenges usually wins.

This would have been a hell of a great season. Of course we get a pandemic when the Cats have a stacked team. Around 2007 would have been a better time for a pandemic as far as Ti-Cats football is concerned. :grin:

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But then we might not have seen Rocky Butler compete for a Qb job in training camp😀

Moment of silence for Mr. Braley at the start of the game.


I believe it was traditional for him to invite the entire Lions team to his Burlington home for dinner whenever they played in Hamilton or Toronto. This year (sans COVID) I am sure one or two would have been his pall bearers. :cry: :canada: :mask:

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Well apparently we lost this game in the Make believe world of Sims football and missed the play-offs with a final record of 6-12 on the season . :crazy_face:

Here is the summary of the game that never was in the season that never was . :angry: :crying_cat_face:

^^^Consider the source. It's the laughing-stock of CFL "reporters"... lol

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We would have gone 6-12 this year???????? Maybe SOME good has come from the pandemic! :-0

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