BC Lions unfair advantage

Maybe the CFL should appeal to the Federal Gov’t to legislate one timezone for the entire country (like they do in China). Would everyone be happy then?

Good grief - this is a geographically spread nation, there is nothing “unfair” about geography, it is a simple reality that the GOOD teams will apply good physiological strategies to deal with.

Good grief indeed. No one is asking for the times of games to be changed to suit eastern teams. (Or at least not seriously.) We’re just stating that western teams do have an advantage over eastern teams that has nothing to do with the players, coaches, management, or fans.

Nothing to be done about it except possibly scheduling more afternoon games when eastern teams are hosting the west. Not sure why teams don’t do this more.

But it needs to be considered in any discussion of combining the divisions.

This thread must be a joke… no one is this out of touch.

Isnt it nice to be able to come here and have an adult conversation?

What if it just said “advantage” instead of “unfair advantage”?

I’m not sure if people deny that there is any advantage at all, or if they think it’s absurd to talk about because it is based on a geographical fact.

The Toronto Maple Leafs just finished a trip to California.
They beat the Los Angeles Kings, San Jose Sharks, and Anaheim Ducks, playing three games in four nights.

I guess this must be an incredible feat given the “unfair advantage” that the home teams had over the Leafs with the three hour time difference AND even longer travel distance than any eastern Canadian CFL team has to endure when travelling to Vancouver?

You have to either have all games in the west featuring a an Eastern opponent start no later that 4pm Pacific Time or have all games in the east featuring a Western opponent start at 1pm Eastern Time…

Hmmmmm. Like some sort of federal government equalization payment schemefor thebenefit of the perennially weaker Eastern teams?


Well I don’t like it. The Eastern teams should just drag themselves up by their own bootstraps.


It would only be the first game of a western road trip where they’d be affected by the time zone effect. One reason why the Ticats stayed out west between the first two games this year (and may have played into their win against the Eskimos). In the Leafs’ case, that first game was against the LA Kings, currently with the worst record in the league. By the second game a couple of nights later, they would have adapted to the time difference.

So no, not an incredible feat.

Um, what about your first paragraph above?

BTW, I don’t care about any of this ultimately.
The teams know who is in the league and what is their schedule.
If they need to adjust to compete against the Lions, then do so.
Otherwise suck it up.
Same for the fans who look for excuses.

No idea what you’re questioning.

Basically it’s saying that for a Saturday night game on the west coast, an eastern team would need to head out on Monday in order to completely get over the three hour time difference. If the eastern team is far better than the western team (e.g. Leafs over Kings), it’s not that important. If they are comparable or even just slightly better (e.g. Ticats over Lions), then it matters.

As I mentioned earlier, my biggest concern is that if the league ever decided to combine the divisions, there would be an inherent disadvantage for eastern teams if the scheduling stays as it is now.

I suppose eastern teams could spend a little more to travel earlier if it really mattered to them. As I mentioned, the Ticats sort of did this early this season when they stayed in Alberta between the Calgary and Edmonton games. Seems to have worked.

Every team has certain advantages, be it climate, lifestyle to attract free agents, crowd noise, etc. As much as BC might have an advantage because of the time change, I wouldn’t call it unfair. The teams have the schedule months in advance and are fully aware of the challenges they have to meet.

My only complaint is that the league (or TSN) doesn’t schedule the BC home games earlier against Eastern teams just so the fans out East didn’t have to stay up so late to watch.