BC Lions unfair advantage

Let’s hope so, this weekend at least.

Also - BC “normally” plays at 7pm (PT), not 1pm. So it’s even worse for them. Payback for maximizing their home-field advantage all season.

And other than playoffs, they do not head east to play at 1pm ET. In the regular season, they played in the East at 4pm ET (twice) and 7:30pm ET (twice). Anyone defending how difficult it is for them to travel east should use real information, not hypotheticals.

Every road Game the Lions play is in another time zone.
When playing in WPG it is 2 hrs and in TOR, HAM, OTT and MTL it is 3 hrs
They have an awful road record (2-7)
You could argue that it is an unfair advantage against the Lions

But the flip side is they get that advantage at home. 7-2 record with only one game not at a 7pm local start (Oct 6 4pm local vs. Toronto) so it does work both ways.

Imagine the time them and the Halifax-based team play each other.

As I stated earlier, studies have shown that eastern teams are at a disadvantage when playing evening games in the west, and western teams are at a disadvantage when playing afternoon games in the east.

Most CFL games are in the evening, so the advantage goes to western teams, especially BC.

I can’t believe this is a discussion. ::slight_smile:

Those bastards in B.C. Lions management manipulating the schedule in their favour!
First by having the sun rise in the east and move westward, then setting up time zones to match that path. And finally, convincing TSN to let them schedule their home games as they wish with no regard for the wishes of the CFL’s broadcaster.

Lions management is clearly the most powerful group in professional sports. ::slight_smile:

Tree-hugging hippie flower-child Commie bastards!


It’s not that it’s necessarily a deliberate thing. But it is an advantage that seems to exist.

But if the Lions win the Grey Cup and if anyone thinks they don’t deserve it, well hey I say go get your friggin head examined. You win as you win with the rules, any league, any time, injuries whatever. The goal, as I’ve heard from so many coaches, majors, minors whatever is just make the playoffs however the playoffs are ruled.

You win the Grey Cup, YOU DESERVE IT FULLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY and nothing more need be said. Every year is a different year any league any how.

Having a hard time this type of thread could even be posted here and it makes me never want to come on this site ever again!!! Complete BS.

Simply stating that there is an inherent advantage for western teams in the CFL, given that most regular season games are played in the evening.

Just a few articles supporting the western advantage from Googling “sports time zone effects”.

Effect of time zone and game time changes on team performance: National Football League.

Time Zones Give an Advantage to West Coast Sports Teams

Time Zones, Game Start Times, and Team Performance: Evidence from the NBA

Time Zone Changes Give Edge to Athletes From West

NFL, NBA, and NHL teams have a disadvantage when traveling west

There was one article that mentioned that jetlag from travelling east generally takes longer to recover from than travelling west. But even it mentioned in passing that “West Coast NFL teams win more night games against East Coast teams”.

From Time Zone to Strike Zone

As for this weekend’s game between BC and Hamilton, the Ticats have the time zone advantage due to the early start, as well as home field advantage. So if the Lions win, there’s no way to say they don’t deserve it.

You’re absolutely right. I’m not sure I even understand why this is a thread.

The schedule is what the schedule is. The league isn’t going to move to afternoon games here.

Don’t most Eastern teams come out two days early anyway? It’s not like they just step off an airplane and start playing football.

The articles I posted all seem to indicate that it takes about a day and a half to adjust for every hour time change. So the three hour time difference for BC games would take almost five days to adjust to.

Actually, it’s not the BC games that bother me the most. It’s the 8:00 starts in the Calgary, Edmonton, and Regina that seem to be deliberate attempts to take advantage of the time change.

And the whole push to form one division when there’s an inherent advantage for western teams? Nope.

You don’t think that the team has a say in the matter? Then why are all of BC’s game against the east weeknight?

Montreal has played all its home games after labour day on sunday….you don’t think the teams have a say?

What time do they practise? Midnight or 10 am?

What are your normal working hours?

If you work 7 to 3 then its easier to work later
If you work 3 to midnight…its easier to work earlier

Funny how all I hear is how difficult it is to set the clocks back as we just did…people cant get used to it…they have trouble staying awake…They want it to end
I guess everyone should just go out and play football…That seems to cure the problem

From my experience, it depends on the individual.

I work both mornings and evenings, and I find working later easier than working earlier. I’m sure others find the opposite true.

There are lots of people working shift work, and they usually don’t have 5-8 days to adjust their bodies, and they usually deal with greater swings in schedule than just 3 hours.

Having said that, I’m in favour of reducing the number of games East teams play in the West (and vice versa). I’d rather see each East team visit Vancouver once every two years instead of once every year . . . and making those games weekend afternoon games as much as possible.

Funny, I hear people celebrate being able to get an extra hour of sleep. It’s in the spring when people have to get up an hour early when I hear all the complaining.

When the league broadcasts a 7:00 pm ET game on a double-header, they push the start of the Alberta/Sask game to 10:00 pm ET (8:00 pm MT) so they can show both games in their entirety. No conspiracy there.

Agreed, probably no conspiracy (unless TSN is in on it… hmmm… ;)). But a disadvantage for eastern teams, conspiracy or not.

But could it be part of the reason for the difference in the standings between the east and west? If so, it would support not eliminating the two divisions.

Even more, it supports further separating the divisions for the regular season and not just for the playoffs.