BC Lions unfair advantage

OK just so we are all clear on this! When the Ti-cats came to BC and lost in overtime 35-32 the time for the Hamilton guys was about 1:45 am. Can you imagine fling for 5 hours and then playing a CFL football game that ends at that time?

That may explain why the Lions outscored them 24-3 from halfway through the 4th quarter on. Let’s not forget the Ti-cats 40-10 victory in Hamilton. It’s about time that we do something about BC having this undeniable advantage on all of the eastern teams.

A really good example of this is when you consider the stretch when Montreal went to 8 Grey cups in 11 years BUT failed to win one game in BC. We need to fix this. Now everyone thinks BC is a good team but take away the 4 home games against eastern teams (late start) and you see just how good they are.

Further to the point why is it that when Calgary or Edmonton or Saskatchewan or Winnipeg host an eastern team it is almost always an afternoon game. Maybe those guys are just good sports!


Teams plan their travel to allow their players to adjust to time zones. If Hamilton cheaps out and fly’s the day before then it’s their own fault.

Sorry, but we just moved our clocks forward and can’t move them any more. ::slight_smile:

Is BC not equally disadvantaged when they have to travel east?

I know for me, working a few hours later is easier to adjust to than working a few hours earlier.

Methinks you’re going to be pretty early for any appointments tomorrow. Most people moved theirs back.

There have been studies that indicate that travelling west is a disadvantage when playing evening games, while travelling east is a disadvantage when playing afternoon games. Perhaps it’s time for eastern teams to schedule more 1:00 starts when playing western teams.

As far as looking at it through the lens of the eastern time zone teams, they all have to play one game in Vancouver and the Lions have to play once in each eastern city. This will balance out so I don’t see how this is unfair.

If BC does have an advantage in BC Place due to the time zone, there’s back reason why the term ‘home team advantage’ is used.

It is what it is. Good for them for working it to their advantage.

You balance it out by scheduling your home games vs BC at Noon EST.

Looking for my real tiny Fiddle!! LOL

How is BC at a disadvantage when playing in an eastern city? Those games are usually 7:00 starts locally; 4:00 Pacific. What, the Lions players can’t roll out of bed by 4 in the afternoon? Meanwhile eastern teams are playing games in Vancouver until nearly 2 am. That’s a big difference.

Why can’t all games in Vancouver vs Eastern teams be 1 or 4 o’clock start times? That way no team has an advantage.

Hamilton may have a slight advantage early on Sunday, but by the end of the game, the Lions will be wide awake, and will have no excuse for losing.

But I guess now we know why people believe the myth that the West is superior. They never have to play a game until the middle of the night.

The Lions have to play the Eastern Semi at 10:00 a.m. Vancouver time. It’s not fair after flying across the country they have to play at breakfast time the next day? Actually the Lions normally fly out a day in advance for Eastern early games to get accustomed to the time zone change. No unfair advantage there!

Precisely. A non-issue to be sure.


But the advantage western teams have due to time zones does support keeping the two divisions, IMO.

I agree totally, all in favour of moving BC to New Brunswick say aye. (The whole province that is)

Alberta would vote yes, if it means they get an ocean coast. Pipelines for all!

Maybe all teams should be moved to Kenora in the very middle of the country to make sure that no time zone advantages are possible for any team?


Not trying to stir stuff up here BUT the stats support my point. BC has no homefield advantage EXCEPT for the time of the game versus Eastern teams. The crowd noise is minimal and they have no competition for seat sales yet have trouble with attendance. If BC played afternoon games the whole league would benefit.

Can you imagine merely being a fan and staying up till 1:00 am to watch a CFL game. I thought the game was for all fans.

Let’s face it when Wally left Calgary he had a choice between BC and Montreal and he chose BC! Why when he had his whole playing career in Montreal. He said he absolutely hated those late night games!


PS. I’m not saying this stuff for any reason but for the betterment of the WHOLE CFL.

For anyone who has played competitive sports it is much more difficult to travel east than west.
If you normally play a game at 1 PM your time it is very difficult to change your body clock time to 10 am