BC Lions to be SOLD within Months! (Maybe, don't hold your breath)

[url=http://3downnation.com/2017/07/13/report-david-braley-sell-b-c-lions-seasons-end/]http://3downnation.com/2017/07/13/repor ... asons-end/[/url]

B.C. Lions owner David Braley expects to have an agreement over the next couple months that would close the sale of the team at the end of the season, according to TSN’s Farhan Lalji.

In March, Braley made his first public comments since he became seriously ill over a year prior and reiteratedhis plans to sell the Lions.

“It has to be sold,? Braley told 3DownNation’s, Lowell Ullrich. “I’m 75 years old. I don’t want to be sitting here at 95 owning the franchise.?

Told David Braley has narrowed his list of potential buyers to "a few" groups. Mainly local, one not local. In the same price ballpark. ...I'm told Braley expects to have a deal in place for #BCLions within a couple of months, that would close at end of season. @CFLonTSN

Hopefully it's to one of the local groups. Cancuks or Sidoo would be good IMO.

It's been dragging on too long and it's clearly showing. Fresh thinking and strong local business ties are a must.

Hopefully no future Grey Cup revenue paybacks either.

Any hint at the price?

...you cannot afford it

Agreed, both the Canucks (my guess) or Sidoo would be great. Organization needs new, motivated stewardship or it's just going to fade away.

Maybe having a local buyer will be better overall for the Lions. If they do end up in local hands that is.

As much as I know some aren't keen on David Braley as the owner, I think each one of us here can wish all the best of health to him now and in the future. Sounds like Braley himself knows he doesn't have the motivation etc. with his health issues to put energy into the franchise to make it work for the best.

If that's directed at Kevin, guess again. The guy buys and sells entire investment banks, for crying out loud.

Hopefully, though, he takes a pass on the Lions. Who wants to watch a bunch of robot players and cheerleaders? :thdn:

...he'd make all his players earn $31,000

Well hopefully the new owners can rejuvenate the apathetic market for CFL football that appears to exist.

Lets hope this happens sooner than later. The CFL's version of Bill Wirtz needs to go

Actually well said. First point. MOST teams have a president who runs total operations. They have a Business operator, a GM, Financial operator. OWNER doesn't even have a office or attend games. MOST CLUBS hope the owner stays away.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Braley not at fault!! He pays the bill if its a financial loss year. BC is at salary cap max.
So what some are saying is untrue. You have to clean out the people running the business.
Braley doesn't do that.
Now where is Lyle???????????

Sadly, R&W is right. I can't afford it. I just hope whoever can, pays north of $20M. :slight_smile:

I will agree that in a sales and marketing standpoint that falls at the feet of the president and his/her team under them. Both Ackles and Skulsky worked under Braley in the same role at different times and the results is night and day.

Where I would put Braley at fault is not recognizing or even caring to make changes in that end when he saw attendance fall year after year and watching the competition in the marketplace (Whitecaps) slowly gain and eventually surpassed them. Ownership that cares doesn't take that too kindly to their business and does more than cuts a cheque at the end of each year.

Though this league likely wouldn't be around without him, it's time to pass the torch and it's been far too long.

I suspect that number is close

About 20-25 million, last I heard. A bargain really...

I remember the 90's when CFL teams were only worth 2-5 million.

very well said. cheers

BC Lions ownership has been clearly the problem but I do have to give them credit. Having seen the local TV #'s from the BC area and how strong their partnerships are within the major Vancouver area. the Lions are a solid organization that just needs a new owner.

Last night vs Winnipeg the stadium was extremely loud and had 21,000 paid fans with clearly 2,000-3,000 fans extra that weren't included.

Problem the Lions need to fix is just like the Canucks as they are the only 2 major pro teams in the city/province. They equally share the same problem as transportation and ferry schedule and hotels being a major deterrent.

Part in why Canucks attendance has dropped.

Though last night the BC Place stadium was rocking. And was told by many fans in attendance the block parties and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Unless they totally crap the bed in Edmonton next week, the Lions should have an even bigger home gate the following week against the Riders. I can feel a bit of momentum gaining here. Close to 24,000 more likely but 25,000 would not be out of the question.

They were advertising a "Sailgate" party last night at the game for the Rider contest. Drinks, food and a cruise around the harbour. Great idea!!

More on the ownership situation here HERE.

What was interesting was how great the local coverage is. Newspapers were solid. Local newscast had live on location spots prior to the game which I watched at my hotel.

For a visitor. I found parking to be easy but I had to walk quite a ways. The sports bar we walked by a few blocks from the stadium had the games on and tons of fans were planning on watching there.

I do not understand why those fans would rather watch the game there (and they were excited to do so chanting Go Lions Go to anyone walking bye with Lions gear and giving Bomber fans a hard time) and not spend equal amount of money to watch the game down the road.

but $$ could be sparse and suppose I shouldn't judge.

Team needs to be sold. The sooner the better.