BC Lions to announce new ownership

Do you live in Vancouver?

Bob Ackles was the one who pushed for the stadium to be downtown when it was built.

But you might be suggesting because it's the BC Lions they should play anywhere even in Surrey.

You do realize the franchise was named the Lions after the two peaks overlooking the city of Vancouver called the Lions.

Not sure if you can see the peaks from Surrey or Kelowna.

Sure the fans might be in the Fraser Valley but corporate money is still in Vancouver not Surrey.

Also Surrey Whitecaps would be strange don't you think? :beers:


Takes me about an hour to get to downturn because of high traffic near Port Mann.

Never felt comfortable talking transit with my two boys

Well BC Place would have been downtown no matter what, as it was part of the plans for Expo 86.

When you say the infrastructure is bad what are you referring to?

Hwy one with only two lanes going towards Vancouver.

Hmmmm...and a 2 person HOV lane. Bad infrastructure or poor habits. We need to be waaaaay more efficient. Ever heard of climate change?

Please enlighten me

BC Place is arguably the nicest football stadium in the nation.

Before spending hundreds of millions on a new smaller stadium somewhere in the suburbs, I'd think the new owner would first try spending a million or two on enhancing the gameday experience and on marketing the team at BC Place. It's not like the previous owner was known for exhausting all avenues of promotion.


Oh...you know full well. And you should research a bit about the damages of fossil fuel mismanagement. At bare minimum pair up with other Abbotsford
football fans if the drive in is too tough. Get in the HOV lane minimum.

Read Bob Ackles book 'The Waterboy'. Bob knew how the Vancouver market worked. The key was always the community. Make connections and be visible in the community. Grass roots stuff. He did that in the 80s. It worked. It stopped when he left in 87 and everything went downhill. Then when he came back in '02-03 he put the team back into the community and things blossomed again. Ever since he left us it has slowly slid downhill.

Community roots in the key.


He was a great president.

I am big on being self sufficient and independent.

I believe the device you're using to respond to me also uses fossil fuel to make some components.

Of course according to you I am insensitive and uncaring about the environment.

Like I said I do enjoy arguing with you and I don't take anything personal.

Next time I bring my kids to game we should meet up have a a beer :beers: on me.

well if you take your "kids" to the game you have 3 lanes to choose from not the two you described. How any lanes should we have?

I think the infrastructure is great in Vancouver and wasteful in the suburbs.

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Getting off topic here but I'll just say this. I'm all for the environment and I do what I can to reduce my waste/footprint, but I'm just a not rich guy getting by. I'd love a zero emission car (especially with the price of gas these days) but they cost a gajillion dollars. When I can afford one I'll likely get one. Until then I do the best that I can and I think that the vast majority of us do as well. We're getting there slowly, well too slowly I'm sure but like I said, we're all just doing what we can and there are only so many hours in a day, most of these hours taken from us by crappy day jobs, taxes and fees - and traffic.

I choose stuff in the supermarket that has less or no packaging, because that's something that I can do. I'd love to have a phone/computer/TV that wasn't made from materials destructively strip mined by slave or sweat labor in China but ... nobody makes one of those. The alternative is to not have a phone, which means that I would not be able to find a job or call in to receive shifts or anything, so that is something that I can't do.

What I don't do is drive a ridiculous 4x4 just to look cool while getting the groceries. That would be something that I would not do even if I could afford it.

Having said all that, I think the point was made that Vancouver has lousy infrastructure and it's true. Traffic in Vancouver sucks, but then it does in Calgary and Montreal too.

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I disagree. Traffic is tough getting into Vancouver but not so in Van. Rapid transit, bike lanes everywhere, and shared cars has made a huge difference.

I'll try and source it but Van has fewer cars on road now than in late sixties. I certainly notice it when in Vancouver now.

Let me rephrase that, traffic in GREATER Vancouver sucks.

I think our personal driving habits, mine included, suck. And we will pay for it.

Just do what you can, bro. If you care and you act on it, just doing what you can, it'll work out. :+1:

Too late for that now imo. We need to be drastic as compared to " just do the best" we can of 40 years ago. We are fully into climate change now. Maybe next summer the whole interior will burn down. Anyway back to football