BC Lions to announce new ownership

Farhan Lalji goes over a brief timeline of the sale

What's happening as the CFL heads into Week 3 of the season - Video - TSN

Doman spoke to Braley before but noting materialized as he didn't want to sell.

April: Looked like a season was going to happen Rock Lelachuer prepared packages with financials.
June 14: League announces the season is a go.
June 15: Sends package to the 4 prospective buyers. 3 of them expressed interest.

Sale to took 9 weeks to complete.

Though the Als sale saga was longer once they were in contact with Stern and Spiegel, it took 3 weeks.

These can happen fast once the right buyer is found and there is motivation on the seller.


So far very impressed with Doman and the process .

Definitely shows when there is a revenue gathering existing stadium for a team there is great interest for ownership .

Doman expressed how much he loved BC Place on air . He made no bones about it he wants this league and team to be a very community oriented business .

With BC Place a Class A structure to make a go of it . CFL really just needs infrastructure (the toughest part ) and there will be ownership interest in Canadian pro football . Now that we are settled in for the shortened season of solid positives time to roll with it and move on to that tenth team .


And please no more talk of doing business with another (insert here) league :rofl::joy::beers:

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A big congratz to BC and their fans. Amar sounds down to earth type of person. I'm impressed by his desire to build the fan base.


He is Indian background so maybe the Indian community.
250,000 Indian-Canadians in Vancouver and 500,000 Chinese-Canadians. That's 40% of the population

Yeah, figured BC was more China, but maybe what works for one group will work for another. Idk though I'm white as hell lol.

Maybe he can tap into that white population too, they make up around 50%

A lot of exposed seat backs.
Was told that BC place capacity held at a number below 25k, due to Prov Covid restrictions.
But can't find official mention yet on CFL site.

It was sold out at 12,500 seats.

The only down side was they (the fans) were not spaced out well.

The capacity of the lower bowl is listed at 22,000.

I thought it was around 27,000.

He's my friends uncle, hopefully he can right the ship. Because after watching the lions at home and then the Whitecaps two days later, there looks to be way more fans for soccer. Which is crazy to me but people like it so good on em

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What game were you watching? No way there were more fans/supporters for Whitecaps. Attendance was 11,144. And they played on Saturday as opposed to the dreaded Thursday night for the Leos. There was also a FREE T-shirt giveaway at the Caps game. Nothing at the Lions' game.

Do the caps push people to the lower bowl? Cause it looked like more lol

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The upper bowl has been closed for a few years now. The Lions attendance dropped quite rapidly after they did that.

I remember them doing that in response to lower attendance

I could be wrong, but I think they were averaging something like 25,000 when they made that change.

Yes, there is no question that the Lions lost fans when they closed the Upper Bowl. Fans were quite content to sit between the 50-yard lines for a "bird's eye" view. They were then asked to pay exhorbidant prices to sit in the end-zone or 10 yard line and many obviously said, "screw that."

But PavCo (that runs BC Place) made a business decision to keep it closed and push everyone to the Lower Bowl to save on staffing costs. I do think that a creative tarping solution could be found that would push fans closer together once Covid is behind us. I also wouldn't rule out a new and more intimate stadium to be built somewhere on the Lower Mainland within the next 10-12 years.


They made a mistake . I think BC place thought that canopy was a good look .

I Love well placed colour coordinated tarps that are more appealing visually both at home and in person .

Those tarps at skydome when C and S had the Argos were freakin awesome with the players . Created atmosphere visually .

BMO is a disaster watching on TV .


Even when I was younger going to lions games the more costly seats were lower bowl starting at center field. It got less expensive as you went both ways towards the endzones. I don't recall if the upper bowl was closed at this point. The year escapes me but if anyone remembers "music" group swollen members they were there so that should help narrow the year down lol

Yea Pavco is a dirty word.

The lease at BC Place is up at around 2040.

Highly unlikely to get a new one when all that money was spent renovating the stadium.