BC Lions to announce new ownership

Single ownership, Not a consortium of multiple owners
Family has deep rooted history in the Province.
Deep Pockets


And with this development today, the David Braley era in the CFL officially comes to an end. :clinking_glasses: :champagne:
(I think although if anyone can influence the league from beyond the grave; it’s that guy).


With all the doom and gloom for the past year, this is a good sign.

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Good read here:


That is a good read , started young and went after it .

New blood hopefully is going to take the Lions to a higher level and then some good input at the league level .


As soon as I learned that John Candy had bought a chunk of the Argos (along with Gretzky and McNall) I KNEW without a doubt that CFL Football would never have to worry about Toronto again. I also knew at the time that the Internet was just a fad.

I'm hoping over the coming days we find out some of the finer details such as low far back have talks go back and how Doman was introduced.

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That was a pretty good Start .

The guy is polished and has confidence .

That was a good day for the CFL . Well done CFL .


Well that sounds promising. Tell the new owners that if they want to be successful in BC they've got to find a way to sell more tickets. Way more tickets. Millions of dollars worth of tickets. Maybe a bake sale would help. :cookie:

Awesome news for the league. Hopefully this gentleman has some ideas for local attendance and the league itself.

I already floated the bake sale idea.

Sherwood Shwartz would have bought into it.

See? And they thought I was crazy. I even have a slogan: "Building the Lions One Cookie at a Time." (kinda rolls off the tongue).

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Lets be straight here. The CFL did not sell the Lions. They sold the Als. The Lions were sold by the Braley estate.


Hey! We're brainstorming here! Don't rain on our cookies!

always need to rain on fertilizer to make things grow :slight_smile:


Well said! They need to fertilize more BC fans. The more fans they have the more tickets they'll sell. It's a numbers thing right?

Why is that important for Joe blow to know?

Because inquiring minds want to know. :slight_smile:

I found this article

Apparently Doman has been in touch with Braley often over the years about selling but David never really wanted to sell.

Been waiting in the wings for a while it seems and understands keeping things behind the scenes is the way to go.


Having only heard about this morning and after reading a few articles, this sounds very positive. Young, entrepreneurial spirit is exactly what we (the CFL) needs. Seems like a solid addition to the ownership group

Now we've got:
BC: Doman - young blood, saying all the right things
Calgary: CSEC - sale rumours aside they've been solid. Experienced and stable at least.
Edmonton, Sask, Winnipeg: Community owned, all seem to be well run currently
Hamilton: Bob Young, dedicated and deep pocketed.
Toronto: MLSE - not their primary focus but not that expensive to run compared to their other properties, and shared Bell ownership keeps them pretty safe.
Ottawa: OSEG - have managed a very good return of football in Ottawa IMO, their real estate side of things I think has been shaky lately but there is talk of a new Civic centre which may help them.
Montreal: Next newest owners, while they've owned the team for a year we've yet to see what they can do. Sid Spiegel just passed away sadly but Gary Stern was already the "face" of the ownership. Seem like they've continued with the positive energy that Montreal found in 2019.

Overall I'd say things look pretty good.

I know his family has been here for 100 years, but I wonder if Doman will be able to tap into Vancouver's Asian immigrant population a bit more?