BC Lions to announce new ownership

BC Lions new ownership - TSN.ca

News conference at 11:15 am pst/2:15 pm est

Any guess on who?

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Lenkov brothers

Stone Cold Steve Austin .


Gliebermans are the front runner followed by some guys at a Civic holiday house party that heard it was for sale .

Good thing TSN knows about it, as I didn't see it on the website.
Same mystery group buying the Stamps?

3 down has picked up the story. Interesting that they never touched the Pederson Stamps thing.

Maybe Rod’s sources we’re for the wrong team! Will know soon enough.

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I meant to say the CFL website. You would think if owners are being announced it would be breaking news on the CFL website.

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We may know early.

Don't know too much about him aside from what the tweet days. He's local
Not sure if there are more members of the group or if he's the sole owner

BC businessman who owns «a bunch of stuff»

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CFL losing their minds?

Selling the BC Lions to a Vancouver guy. What are they thinking?

Nephew inherited Futura and CanWel from rich father and uncle. Good stuff!

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I know. The fact that its taken this long for this to go down is inexcusable.

What was the selling price? I feel it won’t be as high as the Braley estate was looking for.

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Inexcusable? The team was in an estate. Of course there will be delays.

I don’t think it was ever going to be sold while Braley was alive.

Considering it got sold 10 months after his death in the midst of the pandemic with an uncertain future for the league is much faster than I expected.


I think he meant it should have been sold years ago.

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All these new owners are going to shake things up! This is good for the old stale girl.


I think my mom was hired to hold the camera at this thing. So far the grass video is the best. Now the feed is lost.

They were Waiting for wood prices to go up :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well this was seamless it seems.
For all those who criticized Ambrosie for the awkward sale of the Als I hope they praise him for this piece of work.
The Doman family has been quietly well known throughout BC for its lumber interests. Very deep pockets. This indeed is big news.


Everyone shouldn't give 2 shits about the guy who baught the team as long as he puts the time into the team to get them back on there feet I'm happy, shit at this point in time anything is good for the league

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