BC Lions Tickets

Lions Fans :

Im trying to get 2 tickets to the game against Hamilton, as best tickets as possible. Should i get them off ticketmaster ( however i heard that they dont give you all the avaliable and best seats ) or should i call the lions ticket office 589-roar ( i think it is ) or should i wait and try and get scalped tickets. Please help a fellow fan.

I would say call the lions ticket office rather than Ticketmaster.

Yes, especially if sales are good, then they’ll open up more sections upstairs.

Im not sure if the upper deck is a good seating area though. And when i called the office 589-roar, they told me to go to ticketmaster, doesnt that seem a little wierd?

Upper deck is very good if your down real low on it but it does start to get distant as you go up. Way at the top you almost need binoculars . You can still see the game but the players do look pretty small from there. If you do get uppers just make sure you are coming down from the entrance and you're good to go.

All tickets are sold through ticketmaster. Find a place you want to sit in the stadium and ask ticketmaster to look for seats in that section.