bc lions ticket sales up 50 percent

bc lions ticket sales just heard on local radio cknw 98 , the lions annouced today they are up 50% from last year at this time, lions are saying that very realsticaly they can sell out every single game, i say as long as they are competive.

the lions are also predicting realistacly that they are on there way of hitting the 24,000 mark for season tickets.

way to go bc fans, know lets put a half decent team on the field to keep those fans for years to come.

Good news for BC! :wink:

when I first read the title...I thought th Lions were going for a cash grab :lol:

Our Vancouver brothers helping finance the Argos :thup:

Build an outdoor stadium and they will come

Yes Argos: build an outdoor temporary stadium and the same will occur.

any chance having printers back in the lineup and jamal lee as a potential starter was a help? by the way, loved the article about wally calling a season ticket holder. True Canadiana.

what is the capacity of their new outdoor park? If it holds an economical number and people like it that much, just stay there. Move inside the dome for playoff games.

Despite the rumoured 30,000 capacity, it's only going to hold 27,500 (which, if the club gets off to a decent start, means that the Leos could become a hot ticket in town).

For the last 15 years I've been telling anyone who would listen that the team needs to be outdoors. Vancouver in the summertime - with its outdoor cafes, patios, and restaurants, not to mention unsurpassed recreational opportunites - is an "outdoor" town if there ever was one. Playing in a stuffy, sterile dome made zero sense (at least until October). Still, this is ONLY a stop-gap solution 'til the new retractable roof gets installed in the summer of 2011.

For $458 million we will get the best of both worlds: outdoors in the summer and covered roof in the fall. But for the life of me, I can't understand why Braley and his billionaire Whitecaps counterpart Greg Kerfoot couldn't have sat down and hammered out plans for a state-of-the art 35,000 outdoor stadium with covered stands that would serve both clubs.

You're going to have a fun year. Playing to 27500 in a packed park will be way better than a 33000 crowd in a 60000 capacity cavern.

I for one won't miss the giant marshmallow.

wont miss the fact that if someone opens the door, the roof might come down on ya?

Probably cause Kerfoot and the Caps are looking for a stadium no bigger than 20,000. A 35,000 seater for the Caps makes about as much sense as the Lions playing in a stadium that seats 65,000.

yeah we are excited here in vancouver, we will see what happends the lions have to win.

if any of you are heading to vancouver this summer or fall it will be the place to be,

Just wondering. :stuck_out_tongue: Has anybody checked the Farmer's Almanac for the weather in Vancouver this fall.
I haven't, but I going to predict rain.

If it was anything like last summer (hot and sunny all summer long), they are in for a real treat there!

Shouldn't they get a decent GM first? :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats Lions, Now if the Argos could get an outdoor stadium were in business.

If it works that well, why not stay outside with a smaller stadium?

Playing in a 60K stadium with 25-35K fans is too MLS-ish.

Then you lose out huge for the Grey Cup. ITs a huge money maker if you have a big stadium.

ticket sales are up because people think they are still buying Olympic tickets :lol: