BC Lions temp stadium

not bad for just one year

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Yeah -- almost surprised something like this is only going to cost $14m. Must be a real bucket o' bolts. Wonder if this will generate a movement to get into a smaller venue.

The picture of that stadium looks to be exactly what the Cats need. Twice as large and less than 1/2 of the cost of the nonsense the Pan Am Games is going to get us. Hmmmmm. Who really needs Toronto's charity when its obviously costing us more in the longrun?

AKT, it's only slightly inferior than the can of bolts called BMO, it wouldn't last and won't have any amenities at all. You really want that than a real stadium? You're smarter than that. Sure, there will be some significant costs but in the end, we get a better stadium than the "legendary" BMO that is all the rave with soccer fans in Toronto. That's fine with me I say.

The Vancouver Sun

With temporary stadium, Lions, Whitecaps bank on nostalgia

By Lyndon Little, Canwest News Service December 22, 2009

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The Pacific National Exhibition and the B.C. Pavilion Corporation unveiled
plans Tuesday for a 27,500-seat temporary stadium on the grounds of the PNE

that will be the home of the B.C. Lions for the 2010
Canadian Football League season and part of 2011.

The move is necessitated by the planned renovations of BC Place to begin
after the closing of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in late February.

• The cost of the stadium, pegged at $14.4 million

• Of the 27,500 seats, about 20,000 will be under cover and will be individual bucket-style

• The stadium will include a dozen private suites and a press box.

• When the stadium is dismantled, the site will revert to a community playing field

Looks like a Nice Stadium
maybe we should see If they they take don''t easy and send back east to us

First off Earl it has amenities, secondly it is built with football in mind and the seating is thus close to the field. Finally, no I don't want a metal stadium but its far better than what the Pan Am proposals look like. No the up keep wouldn't be that bad. In fact you could build a brand new one every 10 years for the next 100 years and still come out ahead. Yea, I'd take that temporary stadium over the track and field stadium proposal in a heartbeat.

Point taken AKT. Not that a track bothers me but maybe the soccer boys have it right, what they call a "soccer specific stadium" certainly has no track around it. Although football over the years hasn't focused as much on this "specific" aspect like soccer is lately.

Soccer and Football are a dream come true for a multipurpose stadium. Their needs are almost identical

It's cheap because it's only meant to last a couple of years, not 50+ years like most fans would want and expect. You get what you pay for. This should not be an option for Hamilton!!

An Argo-Cat fan

Thats what the budget should be for the Pan Am Games. Cheap, only designed for temporary usage stadium stands on one side enabling Hamilton to remove the track and complete the stadium so its ideal for soccer and football. Put all the money on one side, in fact put the entire 15,000 on one side and don't put up the other side at all!


If you remember, that was the plan for Toronto's Olympic Stadium if they had gotten the games. An 80K stadium with only 30K permanent seats. So it can be done. Of course the fear in Toronto was Rogers getting in on the planning and making those 80K seats all permanent.