BC Lions Suck without Nathan Rourke

It was a horrible game for the Lions Friday night. Montreal is a mediocre team and yet they beat down the Lions. After 5 years in the CFL Pipkin still a horrible QB. It is time the Lions trade or release him. Maybe the Lions can trade him to Hamilton Ticats for Dane Evans lol. They need to get VA up to speed and see how good he is. If not the Lions season is done!

No argument there.

Kurtis Rourke is a carbon copy of his older brother that'll make some lucky last place team lucky come draft day... in either this upcoming draft or the next one after that. Some years it pays to finish last. :grinning: :+1:


His draft status will be GREATLY impacted by his NFL projections.

That's true but likely NFL will draft him first. Nathan Rourke likely be heading to the NFL next season. It is all about the money.

Or the opportunity. I'm thinking he DOESN'T get drafted. Or if he does it'll be in the 6th or 7th round and he'll get the same cold-shoulder treatment afforded to Chris Streveller. Just owning his CFL playing rights would be worth the risk.

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Wasn't suggesting he wouldn't be drafted, just that he isn't likely to go first overall in the CFL draft ... he could be better off not getting drafted as many of those players are chased and "courted", able to select the team that offers the best opportunity, rather than being tied to the team that drafted them.

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I will GUARANTEE that if no other team takes him in the first round... Kyle Walters absolutely WILL.

pretty good receiving core as well. lucky whitehead and bryan burnham might be the two best post route runners in the league. If VAJ can just take the easy plays, they might be ok.

I'll hold reservation until VAJ can get a few more weeks in the system under his belt. If VAJ can give even 75% of the production Rourke could I think the Lions can contend.

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It has been said that VAJ is a dual threat ... he can help either team win. .. but it should be easier for him with the depth of talent on the Lions offence.

Kurtis got some good learning and valuable experience in yesterday's game against a good quality team and program at Penn State. Even having lost to Penn State Kurtis walks away a better quarterback, and he showed some good skill during that game.

Whether Nathan plays in the NFL in the future and/or whether Kurtis gets drafted into the NFL it's always about the opportunity. It may be "splitting hairs" saying that, intead of saying it's about the money, but it's worth noting the money follows the opportunity. Nathan works hard to be ready for whatever opportunity presents itself with the money following. Kurtis is following the same path as Nathan. I would expect Kurtis to at least start his pro career in the CFL. To say that it's about the money seems to imply that these athletes are greedy materialistic characters. It's wrong to have that mindset. There's no reason that anyone should not strive to be the best that they can be in whatever they aspire to be.

BC will get back on track once Adams gets more time in practice. Will it be good enough to be better than Calgary or Saskatchewan? Only time will answer that. It should be an interesting finish to the end of the season and get into the playoff picture.

My feeling is BC needs to get more production with their run game. As long as their defense isn't on the field for the whole game they can hold their end up.

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Chris Streveler is getting $11700 a week sitting on active roster. That is good money for doing nothing. He may or may not play but there is a chance he may. Either way he is getting paid! Most players want to play in the NFL because of the money.

Yeah but that cold shoulder is worth about
$500,000 US per year compared to what..
maybe $90,000 Can as a rookie.. maybe less.

B.C. was starting their third-stringer against Montreal. Adams had one week of practice. Things will get better for them at QB, even if none of their QBs is on Rourke's level, obviously.

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That's probably what's going to happen. I'm taking a chance this week betting on Calgary knowing that BC is close to getting Adams up to speed. :grimacing:

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If BC just plays it smart with little dump passes and good blocking downfield, they should be able to shred the stamps. then kill em with a long play when the secondary is tired. its going to be BC/Cal semi. Tough to beat WPG this year though, they look like repeaters. anything can happen.

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You guys have got to stop calling him VAJ!!!

My inner 14 year old can't stop giggling!

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i was thinking the same but didnt want to be the first. Thats why i actually used that abbrev in the first place. my fault

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Heheheheh... :grinning:


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Relax, Lions are far ahead of Elks. LIONS have no worries of being worse. Elks are destined for 1st draft pick but they never work out too good anyways. GM Cui might be regretting taking on the job. The executive board used to be able to out spend of the competition but not any more.