BC Lions Stats Pack

Our playoff stats (defense, turnovers, special teams and the line of scrimmage win big games) are very good.

Most Team Sacks - #1
Most Interceptions - tied #1
Individual Interceptions - Phillips #1
Individual Sacks - Wake #1
Average points against - #2
Giveaway/Takeaways - #1
Punt Returns - #1
Kick Returns - #1
Individual Forced Fumbles - Tied #1 Johnson
Blocked Kicks - #1

Those are all very important stats come playoffs because when the game is tight defense, turnovers and special teams are the deciding factors. We may want to start planning the parade route again.

Hard to say how many. Not to get into the whole 'who has the best fans' debate but Vancouver is a beautiful city with plenty to do recreationally. i don't live there but I know it also has major competition for the almighty entertainment dollar. Seahawks, Canucks, junior hcokey, soccer, Molson Indy? etc, and most major concert tours when coming to Canada stop in Vancouver. Toronto and Montreal face the same problems.

I'd be happy with 45,000 or more.

Amazing, Mervin , you sound just like RLR....

Seriously, did they create a back-up account in case they got the boot? :expressionless:

Oh lets see you forgot some key stats there mervin

Giving up longest missed field BC 129 yards
Fewest rushing touchdowns 5th
Fewest fumbles 4th
Most 1st downs 5th
Most passing 1st downs 8th.
Most quarterback dressed in one season 2nd

Anybody can cherry pick the stats they want to demonstrate what they want. While BC is a good team, they still have to win the Western Final to get to the Grey Cup. Given the way they have played both Sask and Calgary this year...I wouldn't be counting those chickens just yet.

Of the 4 victories, BC won one by 5 points and the other 3 points. Both were tight games and could have gone either way. The other two victories were blow out by BC.

While they are a good team and deserved all 4 victories nothing is set in stone that they are automatic to the grey cup.

Me neither, the Lions are in for a tough game at the WDF.

Don't blame BC for having more to celebrate. BC is the most successful team in recent 4 seasons with the best combination of coaching, management, game victories and gate revenue.

Winning the grey cup isn't the only success for teams to celebrate. Otherwise 7 of 8 teams are automatic failures every year.

No surprise that non-BC fans are jealous. Envy is ugly and so is petty bashing of BC.

I hope you weren't thinking we attempting to bash BC. It is the poster who made the comment of planning the parade route that was being bashed. In fact if you took time to read...you will notice I said BC deserved to win the two close games against Calgary and Sask....but maybe you missed it.