BC Lions @ Saskatchewan Roughriders Game Thread

Big game for both teams tonight. With the Stampeders relentlessly chasing the Lions for first in the west, and the Roughriders trying to continue their resurrection after their win last week, it's a huge divisional matchup tonight. Lions have been winning, but haven't looked as dominant as they were supposed to this season, so they definitely have something to prove.

Perhaps BOTH teams will show up for THIS game

I'm curious to see how Elimimian fits back into the line-up. BC's underwhelmed all year so hopefully they can come out with a big win against the Roughriders tonight.

BC playing at the drunk tank. It will be loud of course…most of the fans are drunk and obnoxious.

BC is in a bit of a slump so let’s see if BC shows up to this one

Let’s Go LIONS!

I was just going to complain with all the rider non call holds and they finally call one! Thank-you.

Never understood the hate towards Roughriders fans They are passionate, and a social phenomenon. They act no different than Canucks fans here. I'd love to have fans in Vancouver that are that knowledgeable and caring about our team.

That's because you never lived there!!!!

Nice to see the ref making the punt call based on the rider mascot...really quality ref'n!

Roughriders seemingly getting first downs at will right now, we can't keep playing like this come playoffs. I'd love to see a couple big wins for us in a row, just to calm my nerves.

102 yards to 55 for Saskatchewan, with the same time of possession. Wow.

TD Riders!!!!!

Pretty quiet thread for a Rider game.........

Pretty good game so far...

riders must be the only team that has to relie so heavy on the fans for a time count...sad.

Wow looks like another BC no show in the 1st half

If you’re a Roughrider fan that is!

14-0 now. Lions gotta pick it up, and fast.

LOL! What....?

TD Riders! Quick strike this time!

BC always seems to loose a good playing the riders that seem to hit to injure...pathetic!!

I'm starting to get very frustrated. God I hope Bruce is okay, not too much time left til playoffs.

Wake up BC...

And to think I was only worried about our offence...turns out the best defense in the league can't play football either.

I think we all know that the Lions will make a game of this. And.....probably win it!

Either way, its good to see the Riders coming out strong in the first half against proper competition. It would be nice if the Riders won this, it would make the stretch that much more interesting!