BC Lions Sale Thread

First mention of potential parties having discussions with those with Braley's estate since his passing

Going to be a long process since it depends on how/if a 2021 season proceeds, fans allowed and other items in the estate being a higher priority.

As long as potential buyers stay out of the media and $$$ of course, hopefully this should be relatively painless.

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The BC Lions won't be for sale for a few number of years since the Estate has set aside money for running the team. If I was a grandson of Braley, I'd run the club myself. Give it a go. If it doesn't succeed, sell the team.

According to my sources a group that involved 2 NFL former players, 1 CFL player and 1 Canadian actor had offered to purchase the Lions for = sum of $$ over the summer.

No word if this group is out of the bidding. Was told they had meetings with officials regarding owning the BC PLACE stadium.

Speculation that long term vision would to play at BC for a number of seasons and then build a new outdoor stadium along a water front outside of downtown core of Vancouver. The land BC Place sits on would then be turned into a Theatre Centre/Opera House

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Would they still be in Vancouver or is the new stadium they're thinking of building is where the Whitecaps were trying to build before which, I believe, was in Gastown.

Hopefully the new stadium would have a capacity of around 35000-40000 seats with a retractable roof.

Hey, Marty York. Good to see you back in the CFL.

Seriously, nice story, but could have used an appearance by some aliens somewhere in there.
I also heard that Elvis will be playing opening night at BOTH the new stadium and Theatre/Opera House.


Oh man, burned by Marty York again.

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Not a very good time to sell a CFL team. So much uncertainty right now, why would anyone want to buy the team when there is the chance of no season and zero revenue coming in.

Yes, the City nixed Greg Kerfoot's (Whitecaps) plans to build a small (20K), natural grass outdoor stadium downtown (in Gastown) which is unfortunate. At the time, people said, that's of no use to the Lions as they're averaging 28K fans a game. Reality is, in 2021, it would be ideal.

I do think the Lions could benefit from a change of scenery. I'd love to be able to access B.C. Place in October/November and/or playoff games, but from June - September no one in Vancouver likes being indoors. 35,000 - 40,000 is too big. It has to be under 35,000.

How precious are we in BC. They spend 5.5 M updating a stadium.... now we say build us another one...make the sun shine on game days and we will come back when we get cold.

Strangely enough when BC Place opened, they were getting crowds of 40000+.

The lease at BC Place expires in 2040, I believe.

Eventhough I stated the Lions could use a new stadium on the waterfront, I don't see another one being built until they are ready to replace BC Place.

Yes and the Argos were getting 40k at the Sky Dome.
It doesn't mean a thing that was over 30 years ago and the fans won't be coming back because they got old and retired.
Back to the same old issue - "how does the CFL attract a younger demographic" ? The CFL has tried pretty hard with the concerts geared towards the younger people, the cheap tickets in Toronto and Montreal, the $5 beers, tailgating, bobble head nights.
The smaller attendance in the 3 largest markets is here to stay. I'm sure the owners and the CFL are trying to find other ways to make up for smaller crowds.

Wow and I saw another report on this guy by the management here. What's his back story? Does he work for the likes of TMZ or The Sun conglomerate?

I like your examples of other mythical creatures and myths that could have been inserted to make it sound more interesting, but he sure made it sound credible for those of us who don't know much about BC.

Maybe he's one of those guys who spends time producing various Youtube documentaries about these phenomena when the likes of all those cable channels just cannot find any biological evidence of Bigfoot and so forth yet have countless hours of shows to amaze so many all these years just like that History Channel and all their aliens and "ancient alien theorists" and on and on ...


I have a better scoop than this Marty York too.

Word is those two Lagina brothers on Oak Island, NS, befuddled for years as have been many by The Curse of Oak Island, will be investing the proceeds of their discovered treasure on the island into the BC Lions so as to satisfy also government requirements for retention of the proceeds in Canada as well as for tax advantages.

Meanwhile most of us have learned that the fascination with that abandoned island and this quest and that show themselves comprise the curse, and it worked too!

I'll never get the time back that I watched that show, so count me as amongst the fooled though I gave up on their flailing quest in 2016, but it's certainly great to see perhaps something better come out of such an ominous endeavour now. :roll_eyes:

There has been various evidence of Sasquatch like hair samples, fecal stools, foot casts with animal toe and heel prints imbedded onto it. All of these evidence goes to a "lab" to be examined and always comes back inconclusive. The Patterson film is best evidence

If Bigfoot wasn't real, why did Washington State have Bigfoot on a protected species list, while Texas allows the hunting of the Bigfoot.

Bigfoot is real. My great grand father had an encounter in Northern Ontario during the 40's. He was closing down a logging camp before Winter. He heard grunting and his cabin was shook from it's foundation. It scared him because he was alone and only carried a .22 calibre rifle. He couldn't sleep the rest of the night thinking the 'Squatch will come back. The next morning, he surveyed the camp grounds, and saw huge footprints outside his cabin he was suppose to sleep in. It was bigger than bear prints. My grandfather said bears are starting to begin hibernating late in the year.

The encounter still scared my grandfather even when he recounted his testimony as a senior to me when I was a kid. He never went public with his story because of being feared of ridicule and disbelief. My grandfather said the encounter was a warning to stay out of it's area. After that he always brought a bigger gun on trips to the bush. I believe my late grandfather

The treasure at Oak Island has been taken out of there centuries before the Lagina brothers were born. There is no Arc of the Covenant or Shakespeare's work there. It's a fool's errand

I believe the US Gov't took it before the Civil War. They captured a rogue pirate William Kidd. He gave up a portion his treasure for a respectable life in New York City

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Ah, but alas, still no physical evidence and the infamous older film has been shown by many to be a fake, as in basically a dude in another Bigfoot suit like too many of them.

On that one, unless and until there is physical evidence after all these years of alleged science plus genetics and DNA have advanced immeasurably since all this chatter was around decades ago, nope it's all hot air or some other rational and known explanation as far as most are concerned anymore.

Just because a state legislates something does not make it real either - c'mon now you are talking politicians! :sweat_smile: They always have a new bridge to sell you too.

That Patterson film shows muscle fibers tweaking and twitching on the creature. A costume can't replicate that. You can see a breast flopping. indicating it is a female Bigfoot.

The Bigfoot stride in the film has been examined by animal/human podritrists(sic) stating the BF motion isn't a human gait. This isn't a hoaxer in a gyllie suit.

There have been countless sightings and evidence left behind by the Bigfoot in Asia, Russia, the Pacific Northwest, North Texas, etc. to be dismissed.

You can't expect the Bigfoot to come out of the forest with a signed confession, toe nail clippings and dookies to prove it's existence. It's out there. Keep an open mind, but don't your brain slide out

We are probably talking about a different film then if it's not the old one showed all the time, for which if that is your analysis there are so many more to counter it as the fake that it is.

Anyway, it's still not physical evidence. I do not deny the experiences so many have had of course, but what they saw and what it is often are different things and without the physical evidence after all these years and all the fraudsters, well nope, I'm not believing anybody until that's out and evident as I am surprised it is not yet unlike other phenomena, which often have been explained alternatively or like most debunked.

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Bumping with non news type news

Tired of waiting on Covid to pass when the team is more sellable than it is now? Never mind with what the league could look like still uncertain

This is what happens when Braley hangs on to the team for so long.

The team is overvalued for anyone to purchase.

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