BC Lions s...ks


Actually, not the the team but their game schedule. I'm in Vacouver since last sunday and i'll be leaving on saturday (Oct 1) morning and no Lion's game :frowning:

This is really sad that the Lions are not playing in that time frame, i would have love to go visit your guys at BC place. Nice consolation, i bought a ticket for the Canuks game on friday against Calgary.

To all of you fans from vancouver, you could be proud of your city, it's really a nice city full of poeples that makes you fell home. I'm down at the Fairmont Waterfront hotel, 2 steps away from the port with all of those cruise ships. And the mountains...an orgasm to the eyes.

Makes me want to come back with my wife & kids...

Really beautifull !

Als Fan

Too bad there was no Lions game for ya AlsFan. Bad timing. Glad you enjoyed the city.

But there is a Lions game saturday night. To bad to couldn't delay your departure one more day. Glad you enjoyed your stay.