BC Lions roaring already...

Subpar performances from the whole team and we still win on the road in Toronto. While I am very dissapointed in Dickenson, Simon and the gang, we still were able to win.

Most impressed with Joe Smith, Ian Smart (minus the fumble) and most importantly CAM WAKE! WHAT A FIND BY WALLY!

All I can say to the rest of the CFL is watch out, the Lions were horrible last night and still won in a tough environment. We're coming for ya...

REPEAT!!!Grey Cup Champs 07!

The fact that you played horrible and won only means that Toronto played worst.

You should be worrying…not bragging

bc did have an off night, but the only reason they won was that toronto had more off an off night.
that said, good teams just have to find a way to win games

ro1313, I'm not worried at all. Neither teams played well but at the end of the day, the Lions got the W. We had no business winning that game.

82Rider, I agree with you. we had a terrible night but found a way to pull through. That said, we have a lot to work on before we play the Eskies next Friday.

I have a good feeling for July 6th. We will unveil our championship banner, hopefully have a great crowd on hand. Last year the Lions started 2-3 in the first 5 games and we all know what happened.

Yes ro we didn't look sharp. But, at the end of the season its 2 points in the win column. Which coach said "I'll take an ugly win over a beautiful loss anyday"?

The way Edmonton and Winnipeg played last night, BC better get their act together for next weeks game against the Eskimos.

had prefontaine not been injured, the argos woulda won that game, as pref. woulda hit that 45 yard FG ( in his sleep ) and the argos wouldnt have had to take that last 3rd down gamble.

Of course but after they way they played last night bragging about a Grey Cup repeat is quite a stretch.

The thread title should have read "Kitties use life raft to escape sinking boat"

Hardly roaring, but the 2 points are what matters in the end.

Ya, a huuuuuuuuuuuuge stretch. Just like me saying we'd win the Grey Cup after our 2-3 start last season :roll: This is our year, say what you want but we will repeat. We will have to get much better, but if any team can do it back-to-back it's the BC Lions.

Actually the only team that can do it is the lions, cause they won last year :lol:

Wow, you're a smart one...What team do you cheer for?

Roaring? You call winning the game because an Argo rookie was called for holding nullifying the winning TD roaring? Its definitely NOT the start they had last year, and if I were you, I would be shutting my trap and see where the Lions after game 6, instead of game 1. The game next week is no gimmie, but if your team thinks the way you do, they are in for quite a surprise next week.

The Lions are defending Grey Cup Champions. The Lions and their fans have a right to have that certain swagger that comes with winning a Grey Cup. If I have no right to 'open my trap' about us being defending champs and 1-0, Rider fans should have been silent since 1989.

oooh! Good one! :roll:

Let the Lions fans be cocky. Let's just remember that it is very difficult to repeat, so whatever they say can and probably will come back to bite them. And I'd have to agree with Sambo, you didn't exactly "roar" past the Argos.

Yeah, but had the argo lineman not held Bishop was going to be sacked.

2 sides to every coin, I suppose.

Still, that was not an impressive outing by the Lions, and they really messed up my fantasy scores.

Thank goodness I also picked Ricky Ray.

Psuedo is right , it was a certain sack if not for that hold , it was that blatant it had to be called. I think it was the running back that did it though , not the lineman.
But having said that , I also didn't consider it a "roaring" victory and I'm a Lions fan myself. Esk123 , so far only one Lions fan has been cocky about this , so don't be painting us all with the same brush. Over on www.lionbackers.com you certainly don't see that.
What I saw was a good defensive effort by both teams and a sub-par offensive game by both sides. But I was impressed by Lions newcomer Cameron Wake , looks like Chris Wilson's old job won't be available when he gets cut by the Redskins .

Well I guess after one game we should not bother playing any more games just give the Lions the cup! :roll: And here I thought that blurb was reserved for Turkeybend. Good teams win it does not matter if it is ugly they just win. DG your if's do not count injuries are part of the game. The Argos played well sent a message to all the teams in the east they may be the team to beat. But win ugly does not matter the win counts.

Well said 05, next week all that matters is that W is in the Lions coulmn, and any points taken on the road in this league are huge, no matter how you get them. Without the fumbles by the Lions, this one wouldn’t have even been close. Argos do have the talent, no doubt, but Gramps is done and Bishop has yet to prove he has the brain power to be a starter in this league. The defences are only going to get tougher and tougher as each week passes, lets give it a few more games before we start evaluating.

btw, what’s your prediction for the TiCats tonight, Pain ?